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If You Thought You Lived in a World Where Hollywood Would Not Make a Die Hard Origin Story, Well, Buddy, You Thought Wrong

Bruce Willis as John McClane.

It’s nearly impossible to kill a franchise these days, and true to its name, the Die Hard franchise isn’t going to let a little thing like the lackluster reaction to 2013’s A Good Day to Die Hard force it to go gently into that good night: THR reports that Fox is currently developing a sixth Die Hard film, with director Len Wiseman attached. In keeping with current Hollywood practice, the currently untitled project will reportedly be a prequel that tells John McClane’s origin story. Though Bruce Willis is still expected to return to play the modern version of the character, Fox is apparently searching for someone to play the younger McClane in a story line set in 1979. Do you think Joseph Gordon-Levitt held on to those prosthetics?

Die Hard 6 Will Be John McClane’s Origin Story