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Fox & Friends Really Doesn’t Like the New Black Captain America

Marvel recently changed things up with Captain America, giving the suit to Sam Wilson, the man formerly known as black superhero Falcon. In his first issue, Captain America: Sam Wilson #1, Wilson battled the Sons of the Serpent, a jingoistic hate group who oppose everyone that is not white and Christian. Keep in mind, the Sons of the Serpent have been battling Captain America and the Avengers for literally 50 years, seeing as they debuted in Avengers #33 in September 1966. You’d think this is something Clayton Morris, Fox & Friends host and the man dubbed a “comics expert” by Tucker Carlson, would know. You’d think!

Fox & Friends dedicated an entire segment to this latest issue, because they object to Captain America fighting racists, apparently. Morris starts out by slamming the new black version of Captain America as a publicity stunt because “more and more Americans are going to see movies, they’re going to Marvel movies,” rather than actually reading comics. Morris then calls this issue’s inclusion of the Sons of Serpent, who help an armed militia stop illegal immigrants from crossing the U.S.-Mexico border, “odd” because they’re not Captain America’s usual villains like Hydra. Captain America has quite a large rogues gallery, but Morris merely goes with “Hydra” because seeing The Winter Soldier in theaters makes you a “comics expert” now. Again, this also ignores the aforementioned fact that Captain America has been fighting the Sons of the Serpent since 1966.

Tucker Carlson voices his displeasure that Captain America isn’t fighting ISIS instead of “ordinary Americans, probably some of you watching at home.” Morris chimes back in that he misses the days when “Captain America used to be punching Hitler in the face.” Captain America has not fought Hitler since 1945, you know, the year Hitler died. At the time, Morris was negative-31 years old.

Fox & Friends Does Not Like Captain America