‘Friends of the People’s Josh Rabinowitz and Kevin Barnett Are Creating an ‘Odd Couple’ Comedy for NBC

The project is described as an odd couple story of two best friends (Rabinowitz, Barnett) who’ve worked hard their entire lives to reach the careers they’ve always wanted, and then realize everything sucks and they hate it. So they quit their jobs to figure out what they really want and care about. It’s the classic story about the 50-year-old white woman giving up the American dream to discover herself in another country, but about two dudes in their 20s who move nowhere.

Friends of the People head writers/castmembers Josh Rabinowitz and Kevin Barnett are developing a new sitcom for NBC that they’ll be writing and starring in. Here’s how Deadline describes the show:In the meantime, Rabinowitz and Barnett recently wrapped shooting Mike Birbiglia’s new movie about an improv group, Don’t Think Twice.

‘Friends of the People’s Josh Rabinowitz and Kevin […]