we are all drake

A GIF Taxonomy of Drake’s Glorious Dance Moves According to ‘Hotline Bling’

Last night, Drake started dancing. And as he started dancing, he unleashed a new taxonomy of dance moves ready for your next wedding, bar mitzvah, or wine Wednesday. It’s all right if you have a poor mind-to-body connection — in fact, it’s preferred! All that matters is that you’re really feeling it. Drake validates anyone and everyone who has felt shame for dancing poorly. Drake is the great unifier of dance. Drake is us. We are all Drake.

The ¯\_(ツ)_/¯:

The Call Me Maybe:

The We Out Here … in Wine Country!:

The Snoopy Is My Spirit Animal:

The I Have a Job That Gives Me a Work Phone:

The I’m Going to Turn This Car Around Right Now:

The Pleeeeeeeease:

The I’m Gonna Hit the Bathroom Real Quick:

The My Feet Hurt But I’m Still Going:

The Who Still Leaves Voice Mails??:

The Anti-Gravity Hump:

The Ugh! Get This Deer Tick Off My Leg!:

The I Came to a Salsa Club and I Know What’s What: Suave!:

The Look, Babe! I’m a Bear!:

The BRB, Gonna Take a Power Nap on Serena’s Ass:

The This Is Why I Got Swoll in the First Place (Haha):

16 GIFs of Drake Dancing in ‘Hotline Bling’