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Gilmore Girls’ New Netflix Episodes Will Be Centered on Each of the 4 Seasons — Outfit Lovers, Rejoice

Gilmore Girls
Miss this? Photo: Justin Lubin/Warner Bros./Getty Images

Stars Hollow always knew how to throw a good festival (thank you, Taylor), and it looks like the Gilmore Girls revival might give us even more to look forward to: TV Line reports that Netflix’s new Gilmore Girls episodes will run the course of a calendar year, with each of the four 90-minute movies taking place during each season. That means there are opportunities for more snowman building, spring flings, winter carnivals, and just about every seasonal small-town extravaganza Kirk (now town selectman, obviously) can dream up. So, will Lorelai be a June bride, or are we thinking fall’s more her cup of Luke?

Gilmore Girls Revival to Take Place Over a Year