Gleeks Steamrolled Our High-School-TV Fan Vote, Producing Its First Upset

Photo-Illustration: Vulture

This is huge. Our High-School-TV Showdown is in full swing, replete with an accompanying fan vote over on our Facebook page. Through the first two days all went as expected, as the reader picks aligned with our critics’ selections for the matchups of Buffy the Vampire Slayer vs. Dawson’s Creek and Beverly Hills, 90210 vs. The O.C. (Buffy and 90210 prevailed.)

But yesterday, when Glee vs. Friday Night Lights came up for a vote, the maniacs on our Facebook page went off-script: In a stunning twist, Gleeks piled up roughly twice as many votes as FNL’s cheerleaders. This is getting real:

Stephen Patterson: “Glee will always remain as one of the greatest shows of any generation. I still miss it.”

Samuel ßajaña: “REALLY GUYS? Glee ‘has no comparison, just look all the likes that is in their social networks and awards, look how many awards won!!! GLEE IS ALMOST A LEGEND! [heart emoticon]”

Today’s duel is between Veronica Mars and The Wonder Years. If you have a horse in that race, be sure to go vote before the Gleeks somehow skew that one, too.

Gleeks Steamrolled Our High-School-TV Fan Vote