Watch Hannibal Buress’s Unaired Pilot for This Absurdly Hilarious, Self-Explanatory Reality-ish Show Called Unemployable

Hannibal Buress is taking his employment matters into his own hands. That is, he posted a treat for you via Vimeo this week; it’s a foiled reality project he was working on called Unemployable, which essentially wanted to give Hannibal test runs at jobs he definitely shouldn’t have and ultimately prove that comedy is his best bet for making a living. “Last year I made a pilot for Comedy Central. I was excited about it so 2 days after we submitted, I announced that it was picked up for 10 episodes,” he wrote of the idea. “It wasn’t picked up for 10 episodes but I felt like putting it out into the universe. That didn’t work out but television is made to be seen so here it is.”

The rejected pilot takes our fearless hero to a goat farm (a.k.a. a cow-dog farm), where he tries to dance with and milk the animals, clean up after them, and impart wisdom: “Lady goats look like they have dicks,” he says. “You can milk them like cows, but they have the neediness of dogs,” he says. “Goats kinda suck,” he says. He also goes to a New Orleans diner, where he gets drunk and dances with cooking utensils. It is all very weird, but also very entertaining and very Hannibal. Enjoy (this is all there is):

Watch Hannibal’s Unaired Pilot, Unemployable