The Finished Version of Drake and Beyoncé’s ‘Can I’ Has Been Released

It’s here!

Earlier this year, Drake became the latest victim in a string of hacks that leaked tracks from several artists. One of those happened to be “Can I,” his highly anticipated collaboration with Beyoncé (and their first since “Mine,” off her world-stopping BEYONCÉ), though it was rumored to be unfinished at the time. Finally, Drake debuted the new song in full on his OVO Sound Beats 1 show Saturday, as yet another one-off release.

Truthfully, it doesn’t sound all that different from the leak: The spaced-out track still contains the same choppy, mailed-in vocals from Beyoncé (which fans have suggested may just be a sample from “XO“), and no added verses from Drake, meaning it’s possible that whatever reported intentions he had for the song to appear on Views From the 6 have likely since been abandoned.

Hear Drake and Beyoncé’s ‘Can I’ in Full