Jack White Attended His Suburban Neighborhood’s Potluck And Mingled With Neighbors Who Had No Idea Who He Was

Hey, maybe Jack White isn’t so reclusively moody after all! The rocker has been living in Nashville for many years now, but his neighbors didn’t seem to figure that out until this past weekend, when Instagram user Jedediah Jenkins posted a picture of White attending his street’s annual potluck, where he owns a large gated home at the end of the street. Apparently White “apologized for traveling so much and missing out over the years,” and happily mingled with the neighbors, who had no idea they were in the presence of the Grammy winner (they have “from time to time heard guitar coming from the garage,” though). In the event that he didn’t bring beef to the outdoor soirée, maybe he instead brought Black-and-White-Stripe Cookies? Seven Nation Layer Dip? Blue Orchids as a thank you to the organizer?

Jack White Crashed His Street’s Annual Potluck