‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Celebrated ‘Back to the Future’ Day with a Visit from Marty McFly and Doc Brown

In case yesterday’s Toyota commercial starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd wasn’t enough of a Back to the Future reunion for fans, the two also paid a visit to last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live in character as Marty McFly and Doc Brown. Kimmel catches the two up to speed on all the exciting technologies of 2015, from selfies to cronuts to hoverboards that aren’t really hoverboards to the way most people watch Kimmel’s show: on their phones while on the toilet. In light of all this, Doc Brown makes a pretty undeniable observation: “I believe we may have inadvertently traveled into an alternate 2015, where human evolution has been stopped by superfluous technology and Biff reigns supreme.”

‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Celebrated ‘Back to the Future’ […]