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John Oliver ‘Couldn’t Give Less of a Sh*t’ About Donald Trump and the U.S. Election Right Now

God bless John Oliver. The Last Week Tonight host went on former Daily Show alum Stephen Colbert’s Late Show for a chat, and naturally, they both started talking about American politics. And while most of the late-night hosts (including Colbert) have been consumed with the circus that is Donald Trump and the race for the Republican presidential nomination, Oliver just isn’t going to play that game. “I couldn’t give less of a shit,” Oliver tells Colbert when asked about Trump. There are better things for him to talk about, he says, like the plight of public defenders, or LGBT discrimination, or food waste, or getting him a damn right to vote before he throws all our coffee into a harbor, creating a sort of natural cold brew that would make all the fish way too wired.

John Oliver Couldn’t Care Less About Trump