Here’s Justin Bieber’s X Games Tryout, Which Is Also a Video for His Acoustic Version of ‘Sorry’ With Skrillex

You know what would be cool? Justin Bieber thought. If we put together an acoustic version of “Sorry,” because that’s kind of my thing now! Okay, yeah, but you know what would be even cooler? someone else, but also maybe Bieber, thought. If we did that and prefaced it with the squad doing an interview about how the song came together! Wait, wait, wait — even cooler yet: We do all that … while riding those trendy self-balancing scooters and trying to knock each other off! Mission accomplished. It might not be the most relatable bro-sesh, but here’s Bieber, Skrillex, and Blood Diamonds doing all that — plus more in the form of skating and a brief vocal masterclass:

Purpose, Bieber’s latest album, features “Sorry” and comes out November 13. He should probably try to create a Celebrity X Games competition sometime thereafter.

Here’s the Acoustic Version of Bieber’s ‘Sorry’