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Keanu Reeves When He Read the Script for Speed 2: ‘Ahhh!’

Like any actor who has been in the business for decades, Keanu Reeves has made some lemons, but one he thankfully avoided was Speed 2: Cruise Control — the follow-up to Speed that took place on a cruise ship, instead of a bus. Reeves was replaced in the sequel by Jason Patric, while Sandra Bullock carried on as a character unfortunate enough to find herself in the same situation again. Reeves went on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and explained why he passed: “It was just a situation in life where I got the script and I read the script and I was like, Ahhh!” Makes sense.

And then they reimagine a fast car chase as “A Reasonable Speed” — or when the Fast and the Furious becomes the Slow and the Regulated.

Keanu Reeves on Speed 2: ‘Ahhh!’