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Jessica Jones Introduced Krysten Ritter to the Magical World of Marvel

The Cinema Society And Northwest Host A screening Of IFC Films'
Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

It’s been over five months since Marvel films released a new product, so naturally the world is jonesing to get their hands on the comics brand’s upcoming Netflix series, Jessica Jones. And when Krysten Ritter is the one signed on to play the brand’s first leading female superhero, that excitement is pretty understandable. Last night at the premiere of the film Asthma, hosted by the Cinema Society and Northwest, Vulture couldn’t help but geek out with Ritter about comic books. “You know, I never really grew up reading comic books,” Ritter said. “When I started reading Jessica Jones and the Alias comics, I was kind of bummed that I wasn’t exposed to comics as a little girl, because it’s such a visceral experience, and it’s so immersive, because there’s pictures and it comes alive. I feel like it would have been a great thing for me as a kid, just in terms of learning to read. So I have a whole new appreciation for the comics and for Marvel in general. I’m obsessed.” Maybe it’s time we start adding comic books to school reading lists?

Krysten Ritter on Her Newfound Comic-Book Love