Listen to an Early Demo of Kurt Cobain’s Previously Unreleased ‘Sappy’ Solo Track

Kurt Cobain. Photo: Michel Linssen

Like Montage of Heck, the doc’s forthcoming companion album fittingly promises a slew of unreleased Kurt Cobain material. Monday brought forth one such confection, an early version of “Sappy” (or a precursor to “Verse Chorus Verse”), from Cobain’s collection of personal recordings. Rolling Stone notes the song endured a torturous path to release, one that saw multiple reiterations and an ultimate shift into more polished, upbeat sonic territory. This cut sounds like it could serve as a piece of the soundtrack to The Conjuring — just with the Nirvana singer’s trademark drawling vocals over top. It’s eerie, but as with most of the other music recently resurfacing, a treat nonetheless. You can grab the album, as well as the hard-copy release of the movie, on November 13, just in time for a very pensive, moody Thanksgiving.

Listen to Kurt Cobain’s ‘Sappy’ Solo Track