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Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman Reunite to Adapt Kate Middleton and Prince William’s Courtship to Film

The Bravermans! Photo: Getty Images

You may have shed your last tear with the Braverman clan, but that doesn’t mean that the onscreen force of Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman is over. THR reports that the fictional mother-daughter pair is reuniting to produce the adaptation of The Royal We, a fictionalized account of the courtship between Kate Middleton and Prince William, written by the Fug Girls, Heather Cocks, and Jessica Morgan for CBS Films. Graham is writing the script with Whitman set to star as Rebecca Porter, who lives the American dream as the future princess of the United Kingdom. We eagerly await the moment when the royal family sees Whitman and asks, “Her?

Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman to Adapt Royal We