Michael Ian Black on ‘Stella’: ‘I Would Still Love to Revisit It at Some Point’

To mark the 10-year “cancelversary” of Michael Ian Black, Michael Showalter, and David Wain’s Stella, Fast Company put together a great oral history of the show today including interviews with all three stars, and it’s a great read about one of Comedy Central’s biggest one-season wonders. When asked about what they had in mind for a second season, Black revealed that while it didn’t work out back then, he’d still love to make it happen somehow:

DW: We didn’t get too deep into planning for the second season, possibly for fear of jinxing it. The production of the first season was so exhausting because we were all wearing so many hats, coupled with the fact that it was all shot and edited and aired during the very hot summer of 2005, and our sound stage had an air conditioning system that was broken for nearly the entire shoot and we were wearing heavy, cheap suits that did not breathe. MS: The only thing I remember talking about was maybe going more toward a shorter form, maybe instead of doing 30-minute episodes, we would do three or four vignettes per episode, almost like The Three Stooges, rather than one long storyline. MIB: We had talked about doing two short episodes per half hour instead of one long one, maybe getting rid of the suits, maybe not changing at all. We were open to anything, but the sensibility was the sensibility and that wouldn’t have changed. I definitely think we could have done much more given the opportunity. I would still love to revisit it at some point.

Read the rest over at Fast Company, then check out some more Comedy Central one-season shows here and here.

Michael Ian Black on ‘Stella’: ‘I Would Still Love to […]