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In Honor of Holy Grail’s 40th Anniversary, Here’s a Bunch of Terry Gilliam’s Deleted Monty Python Animations

This year marked four decades since the original release of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. As part of a lengthy celebration, which includes a 40th anniversary Blu-Ray, DVD, and limited-edition castle gift set, the Pythons have also unspooled a reel of Terry Gilliam’s lost art from the film. The 14 minutes of bonus material showcase deleted animations from “The Tale of Sir Robin,” “The Tale of Sir Lancelot,” and other vignettes, set to hilariously contemptuous, self-aware bits of commentary from the artist himself. For example: “Why have I always liked snails?” he wonders, as one of his surreal creations plops across the screen. “They’re dumb pieces of meat.”

He also talks about how weird it is people will actually buy the repackaged film, which comes out October 27, considering everyone has had ample time to see it in an array of versions. Most importantly, though, he notes that he didn’t get paid for any of this, so if you want to reimburse him (if you know where he lives, or if you see him somewhere), go for it. Or, just really enjoy the extra art.

Watch a Bunch of Deleted Holy Grail Animation