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My Best Friend’s Wedding Is Coming — No, Running — to Your Television

Coming to television almost two decades later. Photo: TriStar Pictures

The Julia Roberts rom-com classic My Best Friend’s Wedding is getting the old TV reboot. THR reports that ABC is developing an adaptation with the movie’s original writer and producer: Ron Bass is writing the script with Jessica Amento, and Jerry Zucker will serve as executive producer alongside Janet Zucker and Mike Menchel. The show will take place right after the film’s titular wedding, following a bruised Julianne Potter (played by Julia, duh) as she returns to New York with her gay best friend George (played by Rupert Everett). We’re already casting young Julia Robertses and Rupert Everetts in our heads — Karen Gillan and Matthew Lewis, get your agents on the phone.

My Best Friend’s Wedding Is Running to Your TV