Even Andy Samberg Knows Nick Offerman’s Beard Is Magical in This Clip for Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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Photo: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Set your DVR, your TiVo, your Apple Watch, your tablet — anything — to November 22: Entertainment Weekly reports that bearded hunk of man-meat Nick Offerman will be guest-starring on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Offerman will be playing Frederick, an ex-boyfriend of the precinct’s highly revered and professorial Captain Holt, and the two will cross paths once again for the show’s Thanksgiving episode. Will he be a fellow man in blue? Perhaps a doctor or a nurse — apparently his story line intersects with Detective-Sergeant Terry Jeffords’s (Terry Crews) wife giving birth to their third child.

Update: Until tomorrow, enjoy this clip from EW, where he and Captain Holt get into a little lover’s quarrel about wooden ducks … and Dave, who was a co-worker and nothing more.

Offerman Will Play an Ex on Brooklyn Nine-Nine