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Pan Is Going to Lose Warner Brothers So Much Money

Pan. Photo: Laurie Sparham/Warner Bros.

According to THR, the nationwide panning of Pan has panicked Warner Brothers’ plan to build a series of family films — a Pan-chise, if you will — around the adventures of Neverland’s pantalooned hero. The studio had hoped the film would be a panacea for its box-office woes, but that didn’t pan out: The film’s utter pancaking has instead thrown Warners’ balance sheet into pandemonium, as the studio could reportedly lose up to $150 million on the ill-fated origin story. It’s the latest in a panoply of Warner underperformers that includes The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and Jupiter Ascending. In international markets, viewers’ Pan-bivalence seems on the verge of turning into a full-scale pandemic, as the film has earned only $40 million worldwide, and it’s up to China, where the film opens next week, to determine if the studio gets truly pantsed.

Pan Lost Warner Brothers So Much Money