‘Parks and Rec’s Aisha Muharrar Developing Single-Cam Comedy for ABC

Former Parks and Recreation writer/producer Aisha Muharrar has a new comedy in the works at ABC. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the network is developing a single-cam comedy by Muharrar inspired by Rebecca Harrington’s new book I’ll Have What She’s Having: My Adventures in Celebrity Dieting. The series will be “a unique approach to self-actualization in which a writer emulates the lives of America’s celebrities, notable figures and icons in her weekly column. The misguided exploits of her equally clueless friends add to the pain and humor of becoming an adult.” In addition to writing, Muharrar will also executive produce, and she’s also working alongside Amy Poehler on an NBC workplace comedy about an agnostic woman who inherits a church.

‘Parks and Rec’s Aisha Muharrar Developing Single-Cam […]