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Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem Crashed the Stage at a U2 Concert and Wouldn’t Leave

During an arena show in Barcelona, the band famous for invading your iTunes (otherwise known as U2) invited Penélope Cruz and husband Javier Bardem onstage with them during a performance of “Mysterious Ways.” For some reason, Bardem is wearing a feather boa and a cowboy hat and practically gives Bono a lap dance. The several minutes of Bardem writhing around onstage like a drag impersonator of Shania Twain is scarier than the entirety of his performance in No Country for Old Men.

Photo: Toni Rosado Oulego/Getty Images

After the song, Bono tries telling them to leave the stage, but how do you dismantle a Penélope Cruz photobomb? Cruz is determined to document the moment and turns the concert into her own private Instagram session. But Penélope Cruz is all of us in this moment — getting revenge on U2 for that album we were all forced to download and ignoring Bono’s cries for help.

Penélope Cruz Crashed the Stage at a U2 Concert