Please Help Elizabeth Berkley Find the Jacket She Left on a Flight

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Goddess. Photo: Byron Purvis/Corbis

Just coming off the heels of realizing that, in a Sliding Doors situation, she could have an Oscar for Monster, Elizabeth Berkley has suffered yet another heartbreak. She lost her favorite leather jacket on a Delta flight on Saturday. She sent out distress calls on Twitter and Instagram, but so far, she’s had no luck.

Thankfully, Delta Assist is trying to help a sister out, but do you really think someone saw Nomi Malone’s leather jacket just lying in a seat and handed it over to lost and found?

Neither do we. This is your chance to help Elizabeth Berkley. Help Nomi. Help Goddess. It’s your time to be a hero. Contact @ElizBerkley if you have any info on her missing jacket. And to the maybe-thief out there — watch out.


Please Help Elizabeth Berkley Find Her Jacket