darren's dance grooves

Ranking the 10 Best Dance Moves of the Internet’s New Dancing Skeleton Sensation

Not Jack Skellington. Photo: Dancing Skeleton/Twitter

Twitter’s new sensation is a dancing street skeleton with different songs placed over the same video to show that he’s always on beat. But … is he? Does this post-mortem Gene Kelly really deliver on every song he dances to? Here’s a ranking of his ten best ones with some in-depth analysis.

10. “Bet On It,” Zac Efron

The nostalgia factor here is high, but no one is better than Zac Efron dancing around a golf course.

9. “Mr. Brightside,” The Killers

How appropriate that a skeleton dance to a song by The Killers? Happy Halloween!

8. “I Want It That Way,” The Backstreet Boys

Points for skipping the obvious choice of going with “Everybody.” These high kicks would put anybody in one of history’s greatest boy bands.

7. “Bring Me to Life,” Evanescence

You will actually weep when the skeleton isn’t brought back to life.

6. “Temperature,” Sean Paul

Anyone dancing to “Temperature” is pretty much a slam dunk, but he really busts out the moves in this one.

5. “Marry the Night,” Lady Gaga

Not since Abbi danced to “Edge of Glory” on Broad City have we seen moves that match Gaga’s excellence.

4. “Where Ya At,” Drake & Future

This alllllmost topped Beyoncé. Watch out, Bey!

3. “Bye Bye Bye,” *NSYNC

Dancing to this number without strings, unlike *NSYNC in their original music video, pushes this one over the edge.

2. American Horror Story Theme

This dance somehow made more plot sense than the show, to be honest.

1. “Hotline Bling,” Drake

Fame costs. And right here is where this little skeleton started paying in sweat. You used to call him on his skel-e-ton de-vice and this is a stark reminder of why.

Ranking the Dancing Skeleton’s 10 Best Moves