Read an Adorable Interview with Nathan Fielder and a Mom Who Doesn’t ‘Get’ ‘Nathan for You’

Ahead of tonight’s season 3 Nathan for You premiere, A.V. Club writer John Teti had an interview scheduled with Nathan Fielder. Prior to the interview, Fielder reached out to Teti with a curveball – instead of a straightforward interview, Fielder asked Teti to moderate a discussion between Fielder and Teti’s mom Bonney, who cohosts the Mom On Pop podcast with her son and offered up some harsh Nathan for You criticism on the podcast last year. It’s a great argument for the idea that all interviews with comedians should be conducted by moms going forward, especially when they’re as honest and charming as Bonney:

NF: Well, there are—I’ve talked to a lot of people. I don’t know your exact age. You sound about, maybe, 41? BT: Oh, yeah, don’t try and sweet-talk me. I’m 63! NF: [Laughs.] Okay. I know people around that age that have found some enjoyment from the show. I also know people that have your take on it, too. There are people in my family that—it’s too uncomfortable for them to watch. It’s totally fair that you feel that, but—did you watch new episodes and get new insights since the original podcast you did? BT: I did. NF: Did you get anything new from those? BT: [Sighs.] What I looked at before and said, “Well, that is just crap,” I looked at with a different eye knowing that I would be speaking right to you. And I wondered if—oh, boy. I just wondered if you thought that your oddness was because you’re Canadian. NF: Hmm. Well, that could be a part of it. But don’t you think everyone is pretty odd? BT: You know, Nathan, I think there’s a lot of boring people out there. And I have a lot of fun saying a lot of things that people are thinking that they would never say. NF: Right. BT: And just by opening my mouth, it makes people laugh because I’m just saying what I really think. NF: Mm-hmm. BT: And that’s what I don’t know on your show. What do you really think? Because I think what you do is, you wait. You open up a little hallway of silence that people seem to fall right into. JT: What a beautiful way to put it.

The rest of the interview is well worth the read over at The A.V. Club – Bonney manages to keep the conversation hilarious while also getting Fielder to open up about his personal life and make plans with her to have breakfast in Boston together next month.

Read an Adorable Interview with Nathan Fielder and a […]