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Every Poignantly Weird Question Reggie Watts Has Asked Guests on The Late Late Show

Photo-Illustration: Vulture and Photos by CBS

In the vast majority of The Late Late Show episodes, host James Corden briefly hands over the interviewing duties to his eccentric bandleader — and right-hand man — Reggie Watts to see if he has a question for any of the guests gracing the show’s comfy couch that evening. “Reggie’s Question,” as it’s now affectionately known, features some of the most bizarrely amusing how-the-hell-did-he-think-that-up musings, not just for the late-night circuit, but for life in general. What initially appears as a silly, harmless inquiry taps into the psyche of the celebrity, seeing how they react to the inherent absurdity of the prompt. Some celebs play along with beautifully articulate responses (Tom Hanks, Will Ferrell) while others give one-word replies (Bradley Cooper, Marcia Gay Harden). Regardless of the answer, Reggie always responds encouragingly: “That is correct.”

We’ve compiled a definitive list of Reggie’s Questions thus far for you to peruse (sans answers, as they rarely live up to the questions). We’ll be updating the list every so often, so be sure to check back in with us for more of Reggie’s mind-benders.

This list was updated on January 13, 2019, to reflect the latest episodes of The Late Late Show.

Episode 1
To Tom Hanks: In 1806, did you think that people might have been a little bit different than the way they are today?

(None in episode 2.)

Episode 3
To Will Ferrell: If you’re in the South of France and you pour yourself a nice glass of wine, and a beautiful cat suddenly strokes your leg and you’re surprised, do you think it’s a ghost at first?

Episode 4
To Claire Danes: Do you believe that artificial intelligence will be the beginning or end of human civilization?

Episode 5
To Aubrey Plaza: If you were an eagle, either a real eagle or robotic eagle, would you tend to attack people in the evening or in the daylight?

(None in episode 6.)

Episode 7
To Jeff Goldblum: When you think about sensuality, do you think it’s mostly about listening or about responding in real time to something ineffable?

Episode 8
To Jonathan the Nude Model: When you’re in a pose, do you reflect on all of the collected moments that you have posed throughout your lifetime?

Episode 9
To Rob Corddry: You’ve been in several, maybe seven, time-travel movies. Do you believe that once time-travel exists you’ll realize that you actually always were traveling through time?

Episode 10
To James Van der Beek: When you’re driving in a car, are you anticipating the behavior of people based on the angles of the cars that you see in traffic, or are you simply enjoying the ride?

Episode 11
To Christoph Waltz: When you’re acting, do you believe that when you’re in the character that the world dissolves around you and that you actually are in the reality of what is happening in the scene according to the writing? Or do you believe that’s not true?

(None in episode 12.)

Episode 13
To Naomi Campbell: If you had to choose between muffins, cookies, crackers, crisps, or just a good time inside of a boat, which one would you choose?

Episode 14
To Michael Douglas: Do you believe in extraterrestrial intelligence?

Episode 15
To Sharon Osbourne: Having had a long history with rock and roll in the form that you know it as, do you believe that rock and roll still exists or has it been subverted and taken the shell of what it used to be?

Episode 16
To Benjamin McKenzie: Assuming that you might believe in supernatural phenomenon such as ghosts, do you think ghosts are actually spirits, or do you think they’re temporal anomalies that are bleeding in from higher dimensions?

(None in episode 17.)

Episode 18
To Beth Behrs: Do you believe that acting will save the world by indicating the possibility of the future, or do you think acting’s just a bunch of fun and hanging out?

Episode 19
To Julie Chen: If you think about molecular structures, do you think that just because everything is made of molecules … if you were to check yourself out in the mirror and say, hey, I’m just a bunch of molecules, does that affect the way you perform on your television show?

(None in episode 20.)

(None in episode 21.)

Episode 22
To Kumail Nanjiani: You know that video games are something that are really interesting. Do you believe that video games over time will be us realizing that we have been controlling ourselves from a different dimension the whole time?

Episode 23
To Arnold Schwarzenegger: Do you think that being an action star makes you feel as though you actually have those powers when you go off set and go home?

Episode 24
To Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting and LL Cool J: Given that the current standards of industry create new types of hybridized metals for armor and things of that nature, do you think there will become a point at which we won’t be able to develop or manipulate molecular structures to be able to create new elements?

Episode 25
To Dana Carvey, pretending to be Michael Caine: Is it true, the rumor that you, Michael Caine, might actually be Dana Carvey from a different parallel reality?

Episode 26
To Helen Hunt: How have things been lately, and are you still into it?

Episode 27
To Mark Harmon: Do you think they’ll ever make Summer School 3?

Episode 28
To Susan Sarandon: You were part of The Hunger, which is arguably one of the best vampire movies ever made. Do you believe vampires exist?

Episode 29
To James Marsden: All over online when I was researching, it says that you’re a huge model-railroading fan. And I was wondering what your favorite scale is; is it HO or O, what is it? Because I’m always interested.

Episode 30
To Niall Horan: You have a very powerful name, obviously of close auditory to the river in Egypt. Would you say that you’d be a big fan of Anubis or Charon the boatman of hell?

(None in episode 31.)

Episode 32
To Sam Rockwell: As a good friend of Seth Herzog’s, I wanted to say, do you enjoy New York? It’s definitely kind of a swimmy place, where you’re always struggling all the time. But do you find the sweet spots? Do you lick it?

Episode 33
To Lisa Kudrow: Do you believe that witches are the new vampires?

(None in episode 34.)

Episode 35
To Noel Gallagher: As a person who lives on a very interesting island with a huge history, do you have hope that humanity will make good choices for itself for the future?

(None in episode 36.)

Episode 37
To Jerry Ferrara: Do you think that the passion oftentimes associated to Italians or Italian-Americans is cultural or genetic?

Episode 38
To Jane Fonda: Do you think that exercise is cool, or …?

Episode 39
To Thomas Middleditch: When in doubt, do you find that your actor’s training and your ability to improvise in the language of Shakespearian form enables you an edge, slightly milliseconds, before others would in your same position?

(None in episode 40.)

Episode 41
To Jake Johnson: Being a fan of many things of your life, do you think that if you had to choose between all of them, that you would give them up for one moment at some point in the future?

Episode 42
To David Duchovny: When you started making The X-Files and there was all of that zeitgeist happening, how much UFO research did you find to be actually interesting enough to believe in?

Episode 43
To Melora Hardin: When you’re riding a bike, do you sometimes think about how incredible it is that you have the ability to ride a bike?

Episode 44
To Derek Luke: Are you aware of the power of the presence of your talent insofar as being a role model to others in your community? And do you like apples?

Episode 45
To Jessica Szohr: Would you allow me to name a really hard-core metal band after your last name?

Episode 46
To Carla Gugino: One, do you enjoy the kindness of strangers? And two, what character class would you play in Dungeons and Dragons?

Episode 47
To Carli Lloyd: When you’re performing on the field, does time slow down? Is there a different perspective of time when you’re on a field, as opposed to when you see the footage?

(None in episode 48.)

Episode 49
To Kid Cudi: Do you believe that once you’re making music and you’re creating it and you’re performing it and experiencing it, that that’s actually the reality and this pales in comparison?

(None in episode 50.)

Episode 51
To Laverne Cox: Do you believe that if a person falls down that it’s a bad thing?

Episode 52
To Paula Abdul: As you know, dance is kind of a very underappreciated art form, it’s difficult to make a living in it, so it’s good to have someone like you representing it in such a successful way. Do you think that there’s hope for dance, for dancers, to feel like they have a chance of making a living?

(None in episode 53.)

Episode 54
To Jay Duplass: If you were made of titanium, would you be alive technically?

Episode 55
To Jason Schwartzman: Do you have a daughter?

Episode 56
To Trevor Noah: In the 1800s, it was once said that there was a man from another place that could do anything he wanted. Do you think that you could possibly attain that type of power with your new position?

Episode 57
To Hannibal Buress: Being from Chicago, do you think deep-dish pizza is worth it? And also, do aliens exist?

Episode 58
To Christina Applegate: When you think about humor, do you think of it as a human capability independent of gender?

Episode 59
To James Corden, Matt LeBlanc, William H. Macy, and Don Cheadle: There’s this movement to have electric bikes. What do you think? You think electric bikes are okay?

Episode 60
To Gordon Ramsay: Do you like escargot en croute?

Episode 61
To Adam Pally: You’re going to be in the next Batman movie. Do you think you’re going to have to work out a lot for that, or is it going to be hard at all?

Episode 62
To Rosemarie DeWitt: In a fictional setting, if there was a medium- or large-sized monster that was heading down a corridor and you had a choice to go either backwards or run towards it, what would you choose?

Episode 63
To Kevin Bacon: What is it like being immortal?

Episode 64
To Carl Reiner: In the 1940s, did you notice that it was different than the 1960s or the 1990s?

Episode 65
To Neil Patrick Harris: Do you think that, 30 years from now, we will still be doing the things that we think that we might be doing 30 years from now as we are here?

(None in episode 66.)

(None in episode 67.)

(None in episode 68.)

Episode 69
To Ben Kingsley: If you were infinitely tall, would you find that the power would override your judgment and you would destroy everything around you?

(None in episode 70.)

Episode 71
To Bradley Cooper: When you spoke earlier of enzymatic cycles in the clip, did you believe that biologically it’s important for people to enhance the amount of proteins that are generally released in any given interaction between organs, should the excitement level be increased for any given reason?

Episode 72
To Jason Sudeikis and Chris Bosh: If you ever had action figures growing up, like Star Wars figures, did you ever take fire crackers and strap it to them and blow them up?

Episode 73
To Alison Brie and Jeremy Renner: If education is the future which does not exist at this current point, what would you say is the best solution to those who view the systematic development of the arts and sciences as current?

(None in episode 74.)

Episode 75
To Adam Scott and Wilmer Valderrama: If you were given a choice to remove your pancreas permanently or to develop a new line of railroad products, which would you choose?

Episode 76
To Alice Cooper: In the ‘70s, when rock and roll was developing and transforming into myriad forms that have now become kind of selected and sliced into various genres, did you notice the transformation from rock to punk to new wave? Did you see that, or was it something that just happened?

Episode 77
To Chris O’Donnell: Do you think WBBM is still functioning as well as it did when you were managing it, and what do you think the future of radio is?

Episode 78
To Terry Crews: Do you believe that if you had the strength to lift an entire railroad car, that you would use it for good rather than not so good?

Episode 79
To Allison Janney and Jesse Tyler Ferguson: If you were surrounded by a thousand children who seem to look alike, and they were heading towards you in an ominous way, and you’re real close to a really amazing maze garden, what would you do?

Episode 80
To Emma Roberts and Kristen Schaal: If you were transformed into a hamburger and you decided that you don’t remember if you actually were a human before that, would you get angry? Or would you just call up a friend and be like, hey, what’s going on?

Episode 81
To Brit Marling and Kunal Nayyar: Tonight is a night that may not be a night right now. But were it not to be, and tonight eventually arrives, is romance something that may happen?

Episode 82
To Mel Brooks and Jerrod Carmichael: In the movie Spaceballs, were you ever worried that some futuristically minded car company would utilize elements of classifying versions of speed faster than light as modes of speed for the car?

Episode 83
To Marcia Gay Harden: Do you ever imagine yourself in the future committing atrocities that will affect an entire generation of people in a positive way?

Episode 84
To Matt Damon: In your training for the Bourne series, in learning different fighting techniques and how spies would think in certain situations, do you ever find yourself assessing exits and placing yourself in an opportunistic situation inside of restaurants or buildings?

Episode 85
To Matt Walsh: For the future generations of comedy, would you advise them to either become telegenic overnight by using a substance that’s prohibited, or just have a lot of fun?

(None in episode 86.)

Episode 87
To Julianne Moore: If you had to choose between unlimited renewable clean energy or the end of all disease as we know it, which would you choose?

Episode 88
To Chris Parnell: If there ever was a person that you thought that you could be, could there ever be somebody that you’d never see the sea? By the sinking of the dawn and the raising of the light, which do you like, a motorcycle or a bike?

Episode 89
To Sharon Osbourne: If you were on a ship and it seemed imminent that something terrible was about to happen, would you call somebody to warn them of your demise, or do you simply let it happen? Should it happen, would you feel bad that you didn’t call somebody if that was your choice?

(None in episode 90.)

(None in episode 91.)

Episode 92
To Kirsten Dunst: Is it difficult to kiss someone who’s hanging upside down? And secondly, do you believe world peace is possible?

Episode 93
To Juliette Lewis: As a Montanan, I believe that it’s possible that there are aliens. Have you ever seen any evidence of aliens in your lifetime, and do you believe that we have alien DNA in our makeup?

Episode 94
To Cindy Crawford and Matt Bomer: If pancakes were made out of a substance that would be hard to digest, would you formulate with a group of scientists a way to create an enzyme that you could take, ingesting, or being injected by, in order to be able to finally enjoy pancakes once again?

Episode 95
To Luke Wilson: Did you have a lot of fun making Bongwater and did you have fun in the forest?

Episode 96
To Rebecca Romijn and David Koechner: If you had to bake a muffin, what ingredients would you use?

Episode 97
To Brie Larson: If you were able to be a fictional spirit animal, what would you be?

Episode 98
To James Corden, Kate Hudson, Billy Eichner, and Ruth Wilson: If you were trapped underground with no way out, how would you make it out from underneath the ground?

Episode 99
To Dennis Quaid: In making one of my favorite films, Dreamscape, did you ever have nightmares yourself when you were filming it?

Episode 100
To Kelly Osbourne: Assuming that you’re a fan of very small tarts at times, do you think rock and roll is dead?

Episode 101
To Ken Jeong: If you were an immensely heavy person but still looked exactly the same, would you warn people before getting on top of them?

Episode 102
To Paul Feig: Yo, is it hard to direct cartoon people?

(None in episode 103.)

Episode 104
To Joshua Jackson: Having been on a show that deals with parallel realities, do you believe that parallel versions of yourself influence your decisions every day?

Episode 105
To Carey Mulligan, Johnny Galecki, and Christoph Waltz: If you were a scarecrow, do you think that you would be effective at scaring crows or other types of avian species away?

Episode 106
To Olivia Wilde: As a person, do you believe that turtles are perhaps people as well, they’re just tapped in the form of a turtle, or do you think breakfast is “eh”?

Episode 107
To Natalie Dormer and Ty Burrell: Which would you rather: a Sunday roast with Yorkshire pudding, a turkey with stuffing and cranberry, or canard à l’orange with escargot?

Episode 108
To Ethan Hawke: If you’re super into pineapples, and someone’s like, “Hey, man, want some free pineapples?” would you ask them where they got them from, or would you just take them?

Episode 109
To Rainn Wilson: Woodinville. Renton. Mercer Island. Freeland. Or Capitol Hill?

Episode 110
To Bryan Cranston and Guillermo the Drummer: When you’re working in what I call the “entertainment industry,” do you ever think to yourself, every time you’re doing a gig, “it’s a livin’”!

Episode 111
To David Spade: If you were at an estate sale and you saw an amazing wicker-furniture set for outdoor usage that was in fair condition, would you haggle with the people that were officiating for the person who had just passed away, or would you simply turn around and say, “Hey, man, what’s up?”

Episode 112
To Roseanne Barr: In the 1980s when club comics reigned supreme, did you think that brick walls would be such an iconic thing, or did you think otherwise?

(None in episode 113.)

Episode 114
To Taye Diggs and Amy Landecker: If you were camping on a field in a plain in Idaho or Wyoming, and you saw a bunch of gophers coming out of holes, slowly making your way to you, and you notice that they were holding very small knives, what would you do?

Episode 115
To Ted Danson: If you were presented the option to have a French dinner or a Grecian dinner, which one would you recommend to a weary traveler?

Episode 116
To Toni Collette: When you’re driving, do you think of yourself as someone who knows the width of a car so that you can get close to either edge of the road on either side of the driving position?

Episode 117
To Billy Crystal: Do you believe that humor is one of the highest forms of enlightenment?

Episode 118
To Coldplay: Do you think that in the future we will be able to move away from social media and utilize something that’s more functional and contributional to the world?

Episode 119
To Taraji P. Henson, Justin Bartha, and James Corden: If a lone computer scientist engineered some kind of an artificial intelligence to be able to watch our every move, and it was released into the wild so that it becomes sentient on its own, would you be scared, or would you be like, “Oh wow, it’s about time”?

Episode 120
To Hank Azaria: If you were to do psychedelic mushrooms and go into a character, do you think that you would be able to return from that character?

Episode 121
To Lewis Hamilton: Congratulations on the play and Broadway right now. Secondly, do you think you would ever do Formula E at one point, if the technology gets better?

Episode 122
To Josh Groban: Staccato or legato?

Episode 123
To Domhnall Gleeson: During the filming of Star Wars, did you ever feel like something was about to happen?

Episode 124
To Amber Heard, Luke Bracey, and Wanda Sykes: If you had to choose and someone gave you the option to either become a next-generation joint-strike fighter pilot, a person who invents the next greatest, amazing clean-energy source, or someone that’s just like, “What, what’s going on?” which would you choose?

Episode 125
To Edith Ann from Laugh-In [Lily Tomlin] and Stewie from Family Guy [Seth MacFarlane]: Would any of you consider living on a submarine if the submarine was headed for someplace very mysterious?

Episode 126
To Sarah Silverman: Let’s say that you had a choice to be either alive or dead for an event that was pretty cool but kind of questionable. Would you decide to be either alive or dead for that event?

Episode 127
To Sarah Hyland: Yo, you have an opportunity to, like, knock somebody out with a bag of beans. Would you do it?

Episode 128
To Kurt Russell: Do you think that, if there was a giant cat that you could control with your mind, would you have it run around through town and scare people, or would you have it help out at a ranch if they were underpowered?

Episode 129
To Gael García Bernal: So, if you’re in a forest and you have the power to levitate, would you levitate through the forest waiting for campers to see you so they would be terrified of you, or would you just help people out if they couldn’t reach the cheese during a picnic in the forest and just levitate the cheese over to them?

Episode 130
To Morgan Freeman: How many times a week do you think about the nature of consciousness?

Episode 131
To Betty White, Amar’e Stoudemire, and James Corden: If you were a cartoon, and you were able to become a three-dimensional person in real life, would you do it?

Episode 132
To Tim Robbins: In chaos theory, there are dealings with high probabilities and low probabilities. But in this particular case, what do you think the probability is for a human being ever encountering an alien life form within their lifetime?

Episode 133
To Gillian Anderson: During the filming of X-Files back in the ‘90s, did you ever run into any convincing evidence that informed your character in a way that you still carry with you today?

Episode 134
To Jane Lynch, Carrie Brownstein, and Joel Edgerton: When you think about your favorite music venues, like the Crocodile Café or the Broome Street General Store, do you think that these institutions will continue harvesting the best talent of that particular city?

Episode 135
To J.K. Simmons: When raising a daughter, have you noticed that your sensitivity to psychic energy increases the higher they become in age?

Episode 136
To Rashida Jones, Lily James, Sean Hayes, and James Corden: Would you guys be down to do a really ill fun jam?

Episode 137
To Nathan Fillion: As someone who does exude a certain amount of heroic stature, do you remember when a man had his first seizure and you went to your knees and caught him before he hit the ground during a rehearsal?

Episode 138
To Maggie Grace: Being from Ohio and not knowing many people from Ohio at all, do you think that because my dad is from Ohio it means that I have some connection to Trent Reznor? And then the second part of the question is: Do you like Trent Reznor?

Episode 139
To Rosie O’Donnell: Do you think because of the internet that people are becoming smarter or missing the opportunity?

Episode 140
To Tom Ellis: If you had to destroy someone’s life completely without consequence, how would you go about doing it?

(None in episode 141.)

Episode 142
To Mayim Bialik: Having a background in neuroscience, do you believe that the internet and social media are starter nerves for an evolution for  humanity to move beyond that frivolity?

Episode 143
To Joe Manganiello: When transforming into a werewolf, a lot of people describe it as not their favorite experience. Have you gotten used to it and have you gotten any taller?

Episode 144
To Malin Akerman: When making lussekatt, do you enjoy it, or do you go straight to the glögg?

Episode 145
To Chiwetel Ejiofor, Grace Helbig, and Jake Lacy: There are two clowns in a hallway. There is a person in the bedroom that you don’t know. There’s a large cat that’s prowling outside of the house that you’re in that you can see occasionally in the window. What do you do?

(None in episode 146.)

Episode 147
To Juno Temple: If you’re summering somewhere, like, in the north, and the weather was nice, what types of things would you bring in a picnic device?

Episode 148
To Ryan Reynolds, Katie Holmes, and Judd Apatow: If you were trapped in a room, and there was no way out but you had the key to escape, would you find yourself inebriated in some way based off of your own excretions of excitement, or would you simply just go, “Hey man, how come … what’s going on?”

Episode 149
To Gillian Jacobs and Anders Holm: When visiting a stem-cell conference, do you ever think that there is a possibility that synthetic stem cells may make a comeback since the ‘70s are way behind us now?

Episode 150
To Dr. Phil: If you were indeed a person of this time in your particular situation, would you say that given the chance would you either a) do it or b) whatever?

Episode 151
To Khloé Kardashian: Knowing Yves Saint Laurent, would you say that he’s an important designer on the level of, say, David Bowie or Michael Jackson comparatively to fashion, or would you say that he’s just a person doing his thing, feeling organic and groovy?

Episode 152
To Norman Reedus: Having a crossbow as a main weapon in one of the characters that you played in your life, do you believe that at some point you’ll get explosive tips?

Episode 153
To Lucy Hale and Casey Affleck: Let’s say the planet was going to die a million years from now, what would you do to prepare for it?

Episode 154
To Jenny Slate, Ellen Page, and Paul Rust: I don’t think weed is cool, it’s really stupid, and I never use it. But if you guys had to encourage someone to use weed, how would you do it?

Episode 155
To Saffron Burrows: (The entire question is in French, but it involves preferring small cats or eating snails.)

Episode 156
To Lea Michele: If it’s true that bees are actually an alien race that are here temporarily to prognosticate our future doom, the fact that they’re leaving through a small dimensional portal through space, does that alarm you?

Episode 157
To Will Forte: Your love of life is well-noted in several interviews across the internet. Would you say that if you were to find out that life was just some weird simulation that you decided to go into, and that your entire career up to this point was part of that simulation, would you be mad, or would you be something else?

Episode 158
To Queen Latifah: Now that there’s a new generation of rap that’s coming from the underground levels from both the East and West Coasts, do you think that it’ll be an opportunity for them to synergize in a new way going forward from now?

Episode 159
To Neve Campbell: Whether you’re having stroopwafel late at night, do you feel that it’s almost impossible to stop eating the stroopwafel because they’re so delicious?

Episode 160
To Martin Short and Will Arnett: As everybody knows the Spanish have a certain flair … They’re wonderful people, they emit so much, they dance, they do so much that we’ve incorporated in our culture. Comparing the Spanish to the Italians, to the Greeks, or to the Estonians, which do you think were better at creating products that were truly useful to the scientific community or space research?

(None in episode 161.)

(None in episode 162.)

Episode 163
To Paul Rudd and Diane Lane: In 1987, there were some pretty interesting things happening in the world. Robotics was on the verge of completion and no one knew exactly where we should put things should we be given them. Do you think, in your opinion, the movie Working Girl had any impact on where we are today?

(None in episode 164.)

Episode 165
To Cuba Gooding Jr., Don Cheadle, and Jon Bernthal: If you possess the skill of being able to propel a golf ball at over 6,000 miles per hour, where would you throw it?

Episode 166
To Kunal Nayyar: When you’re talking about quasars, do you think it’s also necessary to include pulsars, or do you think that all permutations of gravitational waves don’t have to worry about those guys?

Episode 167
To Thierry Henry: [The entire question is in French. It involves Paris and soccer.]

Episode 168
To Luke Bryan: I assume that you are partially a Johnny Cash fan. How would you say that he’s influenced country music, or, if there is a thing, I think there is, underground country music?

Episode 169
To Jennifer Hudson: The hours that you describe are the correct hours. When you’re dealing with creativity, do you feel like there is something that needs to get out that you’re trying to meet that’s external to you, or do you feel like there’s something outside that you’re trying to reach?

Episode 170
To Gary Oldman: Throughout the years that you’ve been involved in the entertainment industry, do you think that the internet has had a positive impact, and if not, do you think there will be a time where it doesn’t?

Episode 171
To Kristen Schaal: As you know, for a long time a lot of male comedians have had a hard time getting into the business or getting a chance to make movies; a lot of opportunities. As a male quasi-comedian, do you think there’s a future in which we’ll be able to see more for men?

Episode 172
To Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson: As New Yorkers, do you think that New York at some point in time, especially Manhattan, which kind of takes all the glory for New York, will detach and shift its location or position at some point?

Episode 173
To Gwyneth Paltrow and Andrew Rannells: Shakshuka, saag paneer, or escargot?

Episode 174
To Jon Favreau: When you were making a movie, did you ever think about how it’s weird that you’re making it, when you used to watch it when you were a kid?

Episode 175
To Emily Blunt: Do you think that at one point in time, if it were possible to take any form of energy and transform it into anything that you wanted it to be, do you think that on a molecular level it would matter if we found something to be untrue about dark matter itself? Do you like chewing gum?

Episode 176
To Thomas Middleditch and Tom Hiddleston: On the subject of Shakespeare, would you say it would be possible that Shakespeare was either a woman, two people, or a crew of people as opposed to the one that is commonly understood?

Episode 177
To Ice Cube: Do you think it’s better to use hardware when you’re taking about MPC samplers as opposed to a glass touch-screen surface?

Episode 178
To Eric Christian Olsen: Do you like training tactically for stuff?

Episode 179
To Eric Bana and Judy Greer: If you had to choose between chavs, neds, or hillbillies, or the upcoming Ford GT, which would you choose?

Episode 180
To John Stamos and Tituss Burgess: If you had the ability to fly, and you could fly for over 1,000 miles at any height that you wanted to, which destination would you avoid?

Episode 181
To Matt Walsh: If you were a raptor pilot with the newest advanced avionics and head-up display systems, would you bring the helmet to a party to show off how cool it is?

Episode 182
To Allison Janney: If you had to choose between the ‘70s, the ‘60s, the ‘50s, the ‘40s, the 1800s, or the 1300s, which one would you choose?

Episode 183
To ZachWoods: I know that you’re on a show about technology. You probably get asked a lot of technological questions. Do you enjoy baking any sorts of pies?

Episode 184
To Elizabeth Olsen and Anthony Mackie: Congratulations on being part of one of the best comic-book movies in history. If you had to choose between being another character in the Marvel universe, which one would you play?

Episode 185
To Thomas Lennon: If it were possible to fall faster than a Paraguayan falcon would think you rather hit the Earth with an impact that would leave a rather large crater, or would you rather pull up and go, guys I made it!

Episode 186
To Chloë Grace Moretz: What do you like to do underwater?

Episode 187
To Mindy Kaling and Gordon Ramsay: The year is 2016. Do you imagine that 2020 would be much different than this year? And if so, how will it be different, and what will technology bring to us?

Episode 188
To Dominic Cooper, Kristin Chenoweth: In show business, do you think it’s cooler to be showier, or is it better to be businessier?

Episode 189
To Kate Beckinsale: When you’re doing a period piece, like the period piece you’ve just done, do you feel like you’re time traveling?

Episode 190
To Peter Krause: As a theater lover and a theater participator, do you believe that it’s more advantageous for a theater person to be onscreen but be able to be in theater successfully, rather than a screen person to translate to theater?

Episode 191
To Jerrod Carmichael and Anthony Hopkins: If you had the ability to teleport, and you chose to teleport into a material object, do you think you’d survive?

Episode 192
To John Leguizamo and Sacha Baron Cohen: How many wagons does it take to offload enough cargo to satisfy the hunger of a very, very large group of teenagers?

Episode 193
To Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess: When you think about food, do you think of it as something that you need, something that you enjoy, or something that will destroy someone’s lives?

Episode 194
To Anna Paquin: Have you ever attacked a pigeon, or thought that a pigeon was silently stalking you throughout a city?

Episode 195
To David Schwimmer: As a New Yorker, do you ever worry that robotics will make such a huge impact on society, that it’ll hamper your ability to use the subway system?

Episode 196
To Wayne Brady: Baked goods have been a part of human culture for quite some time. Do you prefer baked goods in forms that usually take a longer time to bake, a slow bake, or do you like baked goods that are typically faster to make, such as cookies?

Episode 197
To Tim Robbins and Marc Maron: Do you think that music has an effect on the molecular structure of thought?

Episode 198
To Ben Schwartz and Linda Cardellini: In Italy, which I assume both of you have been to, do you believe that the energy there summons the spirits of ancient specters, or do do you simply think that it’s the olive oil?

Episode 199
To Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, and Anthony Anderson: Do you think cilantro and saffron should be used in greater quantities than they’re traditionally used?

Episode 200
To Matt LeBlanc and Alison Brie: When you’re driving, do you think that it’s important to predict traffic based on the behavior of cars at least one to two blocks ahead of you, or are you more concerned with the cars immediately around you, or something else?

Episode 201
To John C. Reilly: If you were able to digitize and create a copy of your consciousness and you were able to upload that to a synthetic body, do you think that it would actually be you, or would you cease to exist once you died?

Episode 202
To Jena Malone and Matt Bomer: Remembering what you were like two years ago, would you be able to project what you will be like five years from now?

Episode 203
To Queen Latifah and Laverne Cox: If you had the choice of either eating cookies or biscuits for the rest of your life, or living in a hot air balloon for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

(None in episode 204.)

Episode 205
To Anna Kendrick and Jeff Goldblum: If presented with a wallet that was not yours, and it had a considerable amount of paper money inside of it, would you take one third of the money, half of the money, or most of it?

Episode 206
To Luke Wilson: Aside from being very active in sports, for contributing amazing equipment, does your family believe that over time that if aliens do decide to come down, that do you think they would be very interested in sea water at all?

Episode 207
To Juliette Lewis: If you could be in any band, from 1953–1982, what band would you be in?

Episode 208
To Zoe Saldana: When you’re interacting with fake controls of a starship, a fake starship, do you ever think to yourself, This is so fake,  I can’t do this?

Episode 209
To Aaron Sorkin: Are you familiar with the painter Charles Marion Russell?

Episode 210
To Chris Pine and Imogen Poots: When you’re out and you’re traveling around, do you ever get annoyed by the sounds that certain people make unintentionally? If you do, what are those sounds?

Episode 211
To Christina Applegate: Concerning circumcision, do you believe that airplanes should have some sort of stabilization system to get rid of the bumps you experience during the flight?

Episode 212
To Tatiana Maslany and Mike Birbiglia: I suspect both of you guys are aware of armadillos. If you ever encountered an armadillo that was unarmed, what would you do?

Episode 213
To Cara Delevingne: Would you like to have lunch?

Episode 214
To Keegan-Michael Key: Out of all of the songs that have ever been written that have lyrics in them, such as “Stairway to Heaven” and maybe three or four others, what are your favorite lyrics from any song?

Episode 215
To Bradley Cooper: Still having a connection to the house you grew up in, do you find it difficult to still find certain silverware, dishes, or bowls, thinking that they’re in the original location where you grew up? And second, do you liking surfing?

Episode 216
To Denis Leary and Salma Hayek Pinault: The Mexican government released UFO footage recently that was convincing. Do you think, because of this, rock and roll still has a future?

Episode 217
To Hugh Grant and Bryce Dallas Howard: The Royal Air Force was known to utilize very cutting-edge technology, such as timed machine guns and bilateral wing structure. Do you feel walking down any market, say, Camden Lock, that you feel a certain connection to a bygone era to aviation?

Episode 218
To Constance Zimmer: Do you enjoy a good night’s sleep, typically?

Episode 219
To Jason Derulo, Ben Schwartz, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead: If you could go to Ibiza, and have a really good time at a club, would you be like, Man, I really made it?

Episode 220
To John Krasinski: Assuming that you could purchase a remote-control eagle, would you work on its wings first, or would you work on some of the avionics in the tail section, or would you declaw the talons?

Episode 221
To Kate Mara: Imagining yourself as an 8-year-old child, do you believe that the powers of telekinesis faded earlier than that time period, or did you suppress them when you became more socially active in college?

Episode 222
To Heidi Klum and Josh Groban: When in Rome, do you tend to think mixolydian, aeolian, do you think things could be augmented, or do you think you shouldn’t be in Rome thinking about those things at any given point?

Episode 223
To Patricia Arquette: As you’re aware of, the Boy Scouts of the United States and also Brownies and Girl Scouts, all have jamborees in different locations around the world for various reasons. Do you think the skills given to those people are applicable in today’s digital world?

Episode 224
To Kevin Bacon: One of my favorite movies, Quicksilver, looked like it was filmed in New York City. I don’t know where it was filmed. For all of the biking stunts, were you afraid that something terrible was going to happen during the filming of it, and how much the stunt double was doing the work for you?

Episode 225
To Danny McBride and David Duchovny: When mice attack people, do you think that they’re thinking, Oh, these guys look like a bunch of cheese?

Episode 226
To Zach Woods: In the old days where oil lamps were prevalent and crows were thought of as spiritual guides, would you say that given the choice to light an oil lamp or to hold a crow in your hand and hope it didn’t bite you, which would you choose?

Episode 227
To Susan Sarandon and Adam Brody: When you think about helicopters and you think about how flexible they are in their architecture, whether with heavy lifting or in combat purposes, do you think that anyone working at a fast-food chain making any kind of an ice-cream beverage would find it disturbing that someone who comes into the business that they would go into might possibly know something or be able to fly a helicopter?

Episode 228
To Mel B and Michael Sheen: Assuming that consciousness is scalable, do you believe dreams are a channeling mechanism or something that is invented by the brain?

Episode 229
To Meg Ryan: If you had the ability to project love into the hearts of those who hated other people, would you use that immediately, or if you had an infinite supply of candy apples, would you use that instead?

Episode 230
To Donald Glover: Have you ever considered jamming, any type of musical thing, right now?

Episode 231
To Andy Samberg: After the discovery of the Higgs boson particle, do you think that people altered the recipes for very famous but traditional bread products?

Episode 232
To Jimmy Kimmel, Patrick Dempsey, and Renee Zellweger: Since you’ve all been in the entertainment industry for over three years, do you believe that if parakeets were released into a relatively small room with all the people that you’ve enjoyed working with through the years, do you think people would behave calmly, or do you think people would begin harming each other?

Episode 233
To Michael Weatherly and Rob Delaney: If you were to be a character on Ice Pirates, who would you have been?

Episode 234
To Alan Cumming, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Nick Jonas: If you were given the chance to take a boat trip on the Queen Elizabeth II with wave-stabilization mechanisms, or to go to the top of a steep mountain wherein lies a chalet that’s equipped with all the comforts you’ve ever imagined plus things you’ve never imagined, which would you choose?

Episode 235
To Kristen Bell: When you think about all of the things that you’ve accomplished and how much more is yet to be accomplished, do you think that yogurt or other types of small-scale snacking items would have any effect on the outcome of something you would find favorable?

Episode 236
To Lucy Liu: When you think about the way that birds fly and the way that poets tend to write about what flight is like from a bird’s point of view, do you believe that if you were to have some kind of a formal brunch in Edinburgh in Scotland, including different types of teas, do you think that that experience would have any relation to what it’s described as the flight of a bird?

Episode 237
To Norm Macdonald: As you know, cattle ranching was difficult in the late 1880s. The painter Charles Marion Russell from the great state of Montana originally thought he would take up a residence in Wyoming. Do you think it was a better idea for him to take up residence in Montana, rather than Wyoming?

Episode 238
To Usain Bolt, Allison Janney, and Owen Wilson: Lots of people think that they are people, but some people may not be who we think they are. If you had to be a person rather than someone who wasn’t a person, would you still care about the things that you care about currently?

Episode 239
To Anjelica Huston: When acting, or when approaching the moment at which you’re about to act, do you feel as though you are that person or that character that you’re embodying, or is it like a light switch that suddenly turns on? And as an addendum to that question, are you afraid of ants?

Episode 240
To Tig Notaro: When you look out of your balcony and you see that the countryside looks like you could be in Colombia, do you ever think to yourself, Life is strange because I could be anywhere, but it’s just a matter of context according to what I’m able to perceive?

Episode 241
To Jamie Lee Curtis and Kumail Nanjiani: In olden times, in Norway and also in the former United Kingdom, when people had swords, do you believe that they were sharp swords to cut through things, or were they dull swords that were used in a more clobbering fashion?

(None in episode 242.)

Episode 243
To Beth Behrs: Being where you’re from, and growing up the way you did, and knowing that there’s still some more ahead of you, how do you think anybody who isn’t you will have to deal with their own lives?

Episode 244
To Zach Galifianakis: [Opens a soda can loudly.] When you hear that sound, does it trigger a sense memory back to a time where this wasn’t the mechanism, instead it was a hook where you had to peel the metal off, and did it ever remind you of bumper-cars with very sparkly paint jobs?

Episode 245
To Dakota Fanning: Imagine yourself as someone who existed in around 2055. Knowing what you know now, but thinking about the possible convergence of cybernetic technology with the possibility of mimicking your own consciousness, do you think you would have a good time at a retro roller rink?

Episode 246
To Shia LaBeouf: When you’re doing a period drama and dealing with wardrobe and the authenticity of the character, do you ever feel as though somewhere in an alternate universe, someone is mimicking the life that you’re inhabiting even though you’re creating another reality?

Episode 247
To Tom Cruise and Anna Faris: If you were commissioned to build a small hut in the middle of a national forest and you had all of the permits, would you find it difficult to add an addition that wasn’t cleared or wasn’t certified, even though your institution told you that you probably should to make it look a little bit more roomy?

Episode 248
To Gal Gadot: If you had a choice between a bottomless amount of pancakes and a spaceship that would end world poverty, which one would you choose?

Episode 249
To Nick Offerman, Ron Howard, and Aldis Hodge: When you think about the idea of putting two materials side by side, such as metal and wood, to create a seamless transition between those materials to create a higher gradient of fit and finish, would you employ modern techniques or something that would be slower or generally related in the realm of organic?

Episode 250
To Matt LeBlanc: Who’d you rather: Monica or Rachel?

Episode 251
To Ewan McGregor: In time, over the past ten years, would you say things have gotten progressively more interesting, or do you see that there are too many roadblocks and there is an inevitable and undeniable path to destruction?

Episode 252
To Andrew Garfield: Knowing that you’re most likely a huge fan of diving bells, do you believe that pressurization under extreme circumstances, in exploring places like the Mariana Trench, would have an effect on your acting once you surface and realize you’re still alive?

Episode 253
To Harry Connick Jr. and Alice Eve: Knowing what you know about social demographics as pertaining to shareable internet links, do you believe that the definition of who we are is being translated into a virtual neural network, so that eventually artificial intelligence will just become the reflection of who we are in an inorganic state?

Episode 254
To Zooey Deschanel: If someone were to approach you with the question “If children were compressed versions of full-sized humans,” could they be allowed a new form of understanding throughout their growth period, or do you believe that we’re all living in a simulation that we all collectively designed?

Episode 255
To Joel McHale: If you were armed with the latest in exoskeleton technology that increased your strength by at least 500 or 600 percent, would you choose to destroy an entire banking system, or would you go to a gym and be like, Hey, guys, look how strong I am?

Episode 256
To Piper Perabo: Now that you’re finally finished with the CIA and your cover is complete, with your new office job being a news producer, do you still run into foreign threats at times? Do you carry a small pistol anywhere under your desk? Is there a shotgun under the desk? Do you sweep for listening devices?

Episode 257
To Dennis Quaid and Molly Shannon: If we developed the technology to go inside of dreams and could murder people, and people we were fighting against could assume the shape of a giant cobra, what would you do to combat that cobra?

Episode 258
To John Lithgow, Ryan Phillippe, and Kyra Sedgwick: If you were a small object that was conscious but couldn’t move on its own, but a wizard appeared and said, “You can move if I cast a spell, but if I cast the spell it means you’ll lose someone you don’t even know,” very familiar paradigm, what would you do?

Episode 259
To Chris Tucker: When you think about the Greeks and how they used geometry in their architecture, do you ever think that sometimes they might’ve gotten it wrong a little bit?

Episode 260
To Gina Rodriguez and Idina Menzel: If it were possible to pick any moment in time to exist within, would you pick the moment that happened just before you found out you were able to do this, or would you just kind of hang out with some friends somewhere and have a delicious meal?

Episode 261
To Matthew Broderick and Mandy Moore: In theater, when the production is over, there is a light that is placed on the stage called the ghost light. Is the ghost light to keep away ghosts, or is it to prevent insurance claims for people who might be wandering on the stage in the darkness should a light not have been there?

Episode 262
To Michael Strahan: If you think of yourself as a piece of consciousness which is piloting your current body and life form, do you think it’s fantastic that you can generate enough kinetic energy to move other people in the similar situation as you to different locations in space?

Episode 263
To Eddie Redmayne and Jessica Chastain:
When researching for roles, like when you’re thinking of famous plays like Waiting for Godot or Flowers for Algernon, we never know if Algernon ever gets the flowers, but we assume that they are for Algernon. Do you ever think that when you’re onstage, that there could be a small amount of water placed at the wrong location, and just as you’re about to give a very enticing monologue, you just slip and knock yourself unconscious?

Episode 264
To Anna Kendrick and Billy Eichner:
If you were inside of a submarine and you knew that you could never come back to the surface due to some huge catastrophic event, would you learn how to pilot the submarine, or would you just destroy yourself somehow?

Episode 265
To Aaron Eckhart and Trevor Noah:
If you were to write a horror movie but make kind of a funny version of it, would you go with the Bride of Plankinstine or just Plankinstine?

Episode 266
To Dana Carvey and Miles Teller:
If you were ever cast in a World War II or World War I movie, would you insist that the period accuracy be 92 percent or higher, or would you insist that it would be in the 40th percentile range?

Episode 267
To Jessica Alba:
Do you enjoy parakeets?

Episode 268
To Queen Latifah and Tracey Ullman:
When you’re sipping on a Courvoisier or a martini and a stranger approaches you and says, “hey,” what do you do?

Episode 269
To Lauren Cohan: If you were in some kind of a vehicle moving at a rate in which you felt comfortable if it were in control of the pilot piloting it, but suddenly you realize that something went wrong, would you panic, or would you simply realize that you were dreaming?

Episode 270
To Billy Crystal:
In the ‘80s, when the idea of the gang of comedians that you were with and knew at the time, was there a feeling that you were part of one of the greatest comedy movements in modern history? Did you feel that energy?

Episode 271
To Lily Tomlin and Alison Sudol: What type of air travel do you prefer? Hot-air balloons, dirigibles, biplanes, supersonic stealth crafts, commercial airliners, or private turboprops?

Episode 272
To Stephen Fry and Tracee Ellis Ross: Do you think that if a child was not given any modern technology, such as touch-screen computers of any kind, and then compared that to a child that did have that technology available to them since birth, but the one that hadn’t got it when they were 13, do you think they would be just as advanced as the one who had the technology in the first place?

Episode 273
To Chris Pratt and Olivia Munn: In the future where you already exist, do you think that you’re remembering this moment right now as though it was as real as it feels in this current second?

Episode 274
To Jennifer Lawrence: When you’re in an alternate state of consciousness and surrounded by people that you trust, do you feel as though there’s an opportunity for you to connect with everything that exists that we don’t understated, or do you simply just go along for the ride and hang out?

Episode 275
To Natalie Portman: During gestation, is it just station, or is it something else?

Episode 276
To Katie Holmes: Oftentimes animals have a sense of natural disasters before they occur. Do you think that human beings might have that ability, but we’ve been drowned out by the conditioning that we’ve created within our society?

Episode 277
To Milo Ventimiglia: In Japan, [there is a] fascination with efficiency, robotics, and automation. Do you think that this contributes to the fact that many of the taxi drivers wear white gloves and have a small lever to open up the door when you get out or open up the vehicle?

Episode 278
To Jim Parsons: The game of table tennis, which came to be around 1956, was first appointed by the King of England at the time if he had existed. And therefore, what would be your take on that?

Episode 279
To Jamie Foxx, Kirsten Dunst, and Zoe Saldana: Thinking about production in movies and in television, many of the processes that are used in this business are taken or derived from the military. What four circumstances have you ever been in where you felt you either lived on a spaceship or you felt you’re part of the industry, but in an alternate sense, also in the military?

Episode 280
To Neil Patrick Harris, Sienna Miller, and Tom Ford: Fashion seems to cycle through various periods, and in this period of remix culture, do you think various fashions are just individualized, or do you think there are movements in fashion that are easily identifiable, in, say, 30 years from now?

Episode 281
To Mark Wahlberg: Hot dog or hamburger, if hot dog is a hamburger?

Episode 282
To Pharrell Williams: If you are in space, would you ever consider the fact that zero gravity is a way of dissociating yourself with gravity, which would then have an effect on the type of music you create?

(None in episode 283.)

Episode 284
To Kate Hudson, Anders Holm, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson: If you were given three choices, would you take one of those choices and make it into something that you didn’t think one of the other two choices would be about?

Episode 285
To Vin Diesel: When playing “Ranger” class, do you think it’s important that experience adds up to modifying your dexterity or do you think that it’s more important to develop your tracking skills in a party situation, when doing an encounter?

Episode 286
To Nina Dobrev: Because cats are the best pets to have, do you think that at some point cats will attain some form of sentient intelligence that will surpass humans in some way and will solve the problem of people being reliant on material possessions?

Episode 287
To Keke Palmer and Drew Carey: If you were presented with three types of fruit, of any type, would you place one of the fruits in a traditional bowl or basket and take the other two far away and try to disassociate them with the former fruit, or would you collect them together and still put them in a traditional place setting?

Episode 288
To Sting: As we all know, there was a great show in the past few decades called Night Music and it was featuring a person by the name of Mr. Sanborn. And you were on the show. Do you miss those kind of shows where you actually get to hear about what musicians were thinking and playing about? This commonality of what music was about?

Episode 289
To Aaron Paul, Jenny Slate, and Jermaine Fowler: If there existed a prairie dog or a gopher that had magical candy inside of it, would you choose to hire it for a movie that you’re creating on spec, or would you immediately cast it in some kind of a series that’s a reboot that people can’t come up it?

Episode 290
To Mindy Kaling and Bill Paxton: When you’re thinking about your childhood and thinking about how important it was for you to have had a childhood in order to be who you are today, do you ever think, hey man, you know…?

Episode 291
To Ice Cube and Ike Barinholtz: Which two bodies of water do you enjoy the most: the Atlantic or the Pacific?

Episode 292
To Katherine Heigl: If for some reason your child was replaced with a very convincing biomechanical replicant and your real child was raised on a different planet to lead a new race of consciousness, would you approve of that?

Episode 293
To Zach Galifianakis: You’re familiar with a lot of different techniques. So I was wondering, out of all of them, do you think there are a certain few that you wouldn’t recommend to people who are either trapped in a situation that they are completely against, or someone that was a little bit indifferent to using any technique at all?

(None in episode 294.)

Episode 295
To Laverne Cox: When you’re in New York, do you feel stronger than when you’re walking in L.A.?

Episode 296
To Bob Odenkirk: Do you think that it’s possible that eagles are drones sent from another race of people that might not exist on this planet, that are just here to kind of observe us and possibly be placed on some of our monetary representations?

Episode 297
To Gary Oldman and Greta Gerwig: If you were in a house in 1922, and it smelled a particular way, especially in the kitchen, and you could hear the clock ticking in the distance in the middle of the night and you hear creaks on a floorboard, what do you think the creaks were made from?

Episode 298
To Joel McHale and Allison Janney: Biathlon. Greatest winter Olympic sport?

Episode 299
To Zach Galifianakis and Tessa Thompson: If someone delivered a box full of parakeets and one of them might not be alive, would you be considered over the techniques used to send it, or would you think of something else to do?

Episode 300
To Taylor Kitsch, Dan Stevens, and Ron Funches: Where is my mother from?

Episode 301
To Meghan Trainor and Guillermo del Toro: If you had evidence that you were composed of very, very tiny robots, would you try to access the operating system in order to reconfigure yourself in a different way, or would you just let it run the way it’s normally running?

Episode 302
To Willem Dafoe and Michelle Monaghan: If you had a choice between an apple and a different kind of apple, which would you choose?

Episode 303
To Margot Robbie and Domhnall Gleeson: As many of you know, Australia has been around for almost the same amount of time as the country of the United States. When flying to Australia, do you ever fall asleep on a flight to Brisbane and wake up as you’re landing and think you’re landing in San Diego?

Episode 304
To Jamie Dornan and Pete Holmes: If you ever bought a house and you thought, Whoa, this is too much for this house, would you feel good about it?

Episode 305
To Lisa Kudrow and Martin Short: If you were alive in 1776, do you think you would be doing the same profession?

Episode 306
To J.K. Simmons: If you were in possession of something that could do a lot of something, whatever you wanted that to be, what would you want that to be and how would you use it?

Episode 307
To Lily Tomlin, Luke Evans, and Sarah Hyland: It’s a hot day, but you’re dreaming about a cooler place to be. What would that be?

Episode 308
To Michael Peña and O’Shea Jackson Jr.: If you were ever presented with an honorary award, what award would you like that to be? And what color clothing would you prefer?

Episode 309
To Ed Helms: What is your favorite restaurant? Who’s your favorite bluegrass artist?

Episode 310
To Annette Bening and Rachel Brosnahan: When you’re usually interacting with your laptop, do you tend to lay down the lay that you are, or do you sit up? How do you do that?

Episode 311
To Matt Smith and Tyra Banks: If any of you were ever on television, do you think that you’d have fun?

Episode 312
To Judd Apatow: Do you enjoy pies or do you like lasagna?

Episode 313
To Sally Hawkins and Gillian Anderson: If you found yourself suddenly sitting, from this location, in a field of flowers, what would be your first mood?

Episode 314
To Bradley Whitford: If you were really good at racing remote-controlled drones, would you compete against someone who could also control birds with their minds?

Episode 315
To Cedric the Entertainer: If you could redesign a woodpecker, what would it look like?

Episode 316
To Tyler Perry and Amy Adams: As you know, fruit flies are a form of animal that exist and have existed for many eons. Over the past few years, there’s been a noticeable change in their intelligence. Why do you think that is?

Episode 317
To John David Washington and KiKi Layne: So, if you were to realize or you were to find out dinosaurs are real, but were about 1/16th their normal size, do you think you would try to find one and examine it up close, knowing you were safer than them?

Episode 318
To Will Ferrell and RuPaul: Oftentimes powerboats are accused of being unnecessary. Do you believe, should power be taken out of the equation from boats, and they would then appease some of the people who are opposed to them?

Episode 319
To Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini: If you were ever caught with the choice of utilizing a time machine, what would you do with it? Would you destroy the time machine, or would you utilize it, even if that means never seeing the people you love again?

Episode 320
To Pharrell Williams: If you’re in the studio and you’re using an SSL console and you’re noticing that some of your inputs are being a little bit fidgety, do you use any kind of an aerosol to deoxidize the connection point, or do you just simply troubleshoot and use a new patch, or do you just go direct and record it because the idea is more important?

Episode 321
To Amber Heard: Have you ever lost a toothbrush?

Episode 322
To Julia Roberts and Jason Momoa: If you were making some overnight oats, would you let it soak for one night and then in the next morning eat it immediately, or would you eat it the day after, making it two-night oats?

Episode 323
To Gisele Bündchen and Janelle Monáe: If you were ever attacked by a creature made entirely of sponge cake, would you maybe think of drowning it in some kind of brandy solution, or would you fire a laser pistol at it in the hopes of damaging it, or would you simply let it go by you and hope it doesn’t attack you?

Episode 324
To Patrick Wilson and Ellen DeGeneres: As you know, when you’re filming anything, there’s an expectation to be present during the filming. Do you ever find there to be conflicting issues about whether deciding to be present or not?

Episode 325
To Ice Cube and Sean Hayes: What was Madonna like on set?

Episode 326
To Jennifer Aniston and Dolly Parton: If both of you were to suddenly appear out of nowhere, would you be surprised?

Episode 327
To Jude Law and Steve Coogan: Should you get into a spaceship and experience zero gravity for the first time and have a view of the planet, do you think you would be like, Hey, this is cool, or would you rather be put into an immediate and deep existential crisis?

Episode 328
To Zachary Levi and Jake Johnson: In your careers, have you ever found it odd that there always seems to be something or someone constantly watching?

Episode 329
To Jeff Goldblum and Sara Gilbert: [In exaggerated southern exact.] Have you ever had a problem eating food that you didn’t like, so you added spice to it?

Episode 330
To Kermit the Frog and Minka Kelly: If you were trapped inside of a log cabin with limited resources and it was located in a valley with lots of snow, would you immediately break out a game of dominoes or cards, or would you start to panic in knowing you might not survive? Also for Kermit, is that a weapon around your neck?

Episode 331
To Michael Peña and Andy Serkis: Trains generally whistle once per hour when approaching stations. Do you think this should increase due to population densities?

Episode 332
To Michael B. Jordan and Linda Cardellini: If you’ve ever had an experience with acting, you know sometimes it can be a hard time. Do you think if you ever knew any actors, or people who do act, would you have any advice for them?

Episode 333
To Billie Lourd and Eric Bana: As you know, there are a few places in the world where some people just won’t go. Do you think there’s a tendency, some kind of textural energy, that prevents them from wanting to be in those places?

Episode 334
To Kurt Russell and Viggo Mortensen: As you know, in places around the world there’s a tradition where people build boats really well. When you think of that fact compared to the possibility that lizards could live inside of the earth, do you think they’re relative to one another?

Episode 335
To Maggie Gyllenhaal, Paul Dano, and Diego Luna: If you ever remember a film that you know doesn’t exist, do you anger yourself in knowing that the greatest thought you ever had was from a feeling that never was?

Episode 336
To Melissa McCarthy and Richard E. Grant: In the textile industry, people often get confused with auto-manufacturing and semi-manufacturing. Do you think that this confusion leads to many of the problems that we all face on a personal level, day to day?

Episode 337
To Dominic West and Justin Hartley: Whenever you’re having a problem with a receiver pack, and you’re worried if the pander of the frequency of the separation will have a frequency issue, do you ever worry to yourself, Why did I ever get into this business?

Episode 338
To Octavia Spencer and Jesse Williams: If you had to choose between either knowing why you’re able to be conscious or what’s in those tortillas that are so good, what would you choose?

Every Question Reggie Watts Asked Guests on Late Late Show