Watch Peggy Hill Sing Nicki Minaj’s ‘Hey Mama’

One of the more fascinating and artistically admirable twists in Nicki Minaj’s career has been incorporating the idea of the domestic goddess into her work and public persona. While she still sings and raps about career milestones, the fight against misogyny, and her ambitions for world domination, she’s also tackling subjects like cooking, cleaning, and the give-and-take of romantic partnership — especially in her enduring hit collaboration with David Guetta, “Hey Mama.”

This pivot, of course, puts her in spiritual kinship with another pop-culture icon of feminist domesticity: Mrs. Peggy Hill. The King of the Hill lead has inspired a generation in her bucking of gender norms and negotiation of feminist ideals and mother- and wifehood. In this week’s Vulture Remix, video artist Adam Schleichkorn (a.k.a. Mylo the Cat) brings together the Queen of Rap and the Queen of Arlen, Texas, in a lip-sync for the ages.

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