bitch better have my money

Rihanna Shares Gory New Clip of What Exactly Happened to the Bitch Who Didn’t Have Her Money

Don’t be that bitch who doesn’t have Rihanna’s money. As Hannibal’s Mads Mikkelsen learned firsthand, it never ends well. Except we never actually got to see how exactly her poor accountant met his end in the “Bitch Better Have My Money” video — a few crime-scene photos (and lots of blood on RiRi) merely implied he got dismembered. But leave it to Rihanna to ring in Halloween with all the gruesome details in a new clip shared on her new 360-degree app, which gives you the POV experience of Rihanna in her translucent latex dress hacking away at Mads’s body parts. You’ll have to download the app on Google Play to watch the full thing, but below are a few clips courtesy of Twitter. Obviously, it’s very, very NSFW.

Rihanna Shares New Clip From ‘BBHMM’ Video