new york comic-con 2015

Samantha Bee on Her Late-Night Show: ‘Can We Just Have a F*cking Women’s Space?’

Bee and Jones. Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Samantha Bee knows she’s about to become the only woman in late night, but she won’t let that fact stop her from becoming a centaur and shooting lasers out of her eyes. At a New York Comic Con panel with her husband Jason Jones (the couple is executive-producing both Bee’s Full Frontal and Jones’s TBS comedy, Detour), Bee reflected on the origins of her infamous response to Vanity Fair’s dudes-only late-night photo, which has since become part of the show’s official marketing, with comics artist Cat Staggs producing a cover-worthy portrait of the laser-centaur. “Jason and I were at a pumpkin patch with our children,” Bee recalled. “When you’re negligent parents, you check your Twitter when your children are playing. Someone tweeted the [Vanity Fair] photo to me, and I was so angry. Like, Fuck you! So I just tweeted that photo, and I think it tapped into something. Like, can we just have a fucking women’s space?”

Elsewhere in the panel, Bee promised Full Frontal would continue her Daily Show tradition of going out in the field whenever possible, and proved it with a short video of her interviewing comics artists about their scantily clad female superheroes. (It killed.) She also joked that, as a woman in the entertainment industry, she was totally comfortable having to be a stand-in for all other women on Earth: “As a women, I represent all women, and all forms of feminism, just from my body.”

Samantha Bee on Becoming a Laser-Centaur