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Amy Schumer Should Probably Warn Her Bank About a Sudden Increase in Deposits

Photo: Michael Kovac/Getty Images

It is obviously a good time to be Amy Schumer, but it might be an even better time to be her agents. (Also, it’s a pretty good time to be Schumer’s new manager Guy Oseary, best known as the Hollywood big shot who manages Madonna.) Not only were they able to take what was a $1 million book advance and turn it into an $8 million one, it appears movie studios are also getting into the paying–Amy Schumer–a-lot-of-money business. THR reports that after Trainwreck grossed $138 million worldwide this summer, Schumer’s acting fee took a huge leap, going from $300,000 for Trainwreck (which doesn’t necessarily count what she got paid for writing the film, or backend revenue) to $4 or $5 million for the currently untitled Jonathan Levin–directed mother-daughter comedy. It’s not clear if this includes the fee she will get for executive-producing and rewriting the original Katie Dippold script. Either way, even if it is less than the $10 million they reportedly asked for, it is still quite a raise. (Imagine asking your boss for a 1,500 percent salary increase?) The funniest part is how quickly the info has come out about how much money Schumer is making. We get that it’s exciting, UTA, but act like you’ve been here before.

Schumer Should Probably Warn Her Bank