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Jane Got a Gun Official Trailer: Natalie Portman Finally Got That Western She Wanted

Natalie Portman once rapped, “I’ll kill your f***ing dog for fun, so don’t push me!” so it shouldn’t be a surprise that she would eventually take the role of a merciless gun-slinger in Jane Got a Gun. Just like Heaven’s Gate, this production saw a Harvard graduate follow her dreams to the American West and nearly end up as a Hollywood cautionary tale: Literally every actor in the business dropped out of the film, the original director ghosted, and its studio went bankrupt. But now Jane Got a Gun is here, and its trailer reveals it as a revenge Western in the realm of Django Unchained. (Just swap out Leonardo DiCaprio for Ewan McGregor, and “wife” for “daughter.”) One thing’s for sure: This is the loosest Aerosmith adaptation since the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. The newest trailer is above. The European trailer is below:

See Natalie Portman in Jane Got a Gun Trailer