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South Park Is Back to Being Progressive Again — This Time With Whole Foods and Gentrification

Welp, that was fast. Mr. Garrison’s savage presidential antics from last week have the residents of South Park trying to create a progressive town (again). The whole incident earned the town a skewering from Jimmy Fallon, in his meanest monologue ever:

To repair their image, the p.c. people of South Park decided to do the only thing that would truly help: get a Whole Foods, ASAP. It’s surprising that such an episode hasn’t happened yet, but it’s here, and with it came additional satire aimed at gentrification (if you’ve ever visited the “new” parts of New York City and/or Denver, SodoSopa — South of Downtown South Park — probably felt spot-on):

Compared to last week’s episode, this one might have felt especially tame, but if the first two installments of the season are any indication, it’s probably less a stand-alone thing and more part of a bigger picture. This is already shaping up to be the most self-aware season yet, thanks to how Matt and Trey have been toying with viewers’ expectations. Additionally, their tug-of-war with making the town both socially conscious and acceptable looks like it might be one of the show’s biggest, most meta, longest-arcing jokes yet:

You can watch the whole episode here.

South Park Is Back to Being Progressive Again