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Everybody in South Park Thinks They’re a Yelp Food Critic

For a town that has been incredibly self-aware this season, this was inevitable. Thanks to South Park’s trendy p.c. and highbrow transformation, the locals morphed into snobs — snobs in the form of ever-threatening Yelp reviewers:

Of course, the most threatening, “authoritah”-demanding force around was Cartman, the casually racist reviewer who abused his stomach and powers to make “real food critics [him] respected again.” In other words, he made the lives of restaurateurs pure hell:

If you’ve seen or read Fight Club, you might’ve sensed how this would end. The South Park team hilariously used their musical talents to turn all the chefs around into Tyler Durdens and to play a joke on delusionally dickish, self-important Yelpers the world over (warning: definitely NSFW):

South Park, the new home of Project Mayhem. You can watch the whole episode here.

South Park Eviscerated Yelp Reviewers