‘Writing’s on the Wall’ (Spectre) Music Video: Sam Smith and Daniel Craig Show Us Their Best Brooding With the Bond Girls

This Luke Monaghan–directed piece inexplicably came a little late today — much to the consternation of Sam Smith and fans. But it did still come, and that’s what counts, because with it comes more footage from Spectre! Along with Smith crooning his heart out, the vid also features Monica Bellucci, Léa Seydoux, Daniel Craig, and lots of brooding looks into the distance. Thankfully, the clips interspersed here are less spoilers and more equal parts stunning suit, sunglasses, tequila, and perfume commercials. Mesh all those things together, and, as Smith notes, you have a true teaser of beauty. Catch the film itself on November 6.

‘Writing’s on the Wall’ Music Vid: Time to Brood