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Oh Good: Star Wars Tickets Are Already Available on eBay, Just in Case You Really Want That Opening Night Experience

’Star Wars.’

If you weren’t among the crush of Star Wars fans frantically pulverizing their keyboards and mouses for reservations earlier tonight, fear not: eBay and a bunch of people who want to rip you off have your back. Ahead of tonight’s Star Wars trailer premiere, seats for Force Awakens screenings were made available on a slew of online ticketing sites. The most coveted spots were naturally those in the early December 17 showings, which reportedly caused a handful of web retailers to crash, as well as a number of others to encounter traffic-related problems. (Namely, Fandango and Fortunately, many buyers, according to social media and other reports, seemed to ultimately pull off their transactions (prospective moviegoers were also able to reserve spots at certain theaters in person). Unfortunately, that means a majority of the good advance seats and times are no more.

At time of publication, however, there were scads of scalped tickets, ranging from $120 a pop to $0.01 (great excuse to visit Skokie in December!) for opening bids, available on eBay. Many have Buy It Now prices of $1,000 and cover theaters all over the West Coast, Midwest, and East Coast. Some are up for grabs in bundles, and others individually — many for the 3D and IMAX 3D versions of The Force Awakens. Many websites are advocating the save-your-money-and-buy-the-next-available-screening tactic over the let’s-break-the-bank-so-we-avoid-spoilers-at-all-costs one. We’re kind of on the former page; if it’s any consolation, we also have some gifs to tide you over. But do you what you must. Disney and Lucasfilm, we guess you can already pat yourselves on the back.

Oh Good: Star Wars Tickets Are Already on eBay