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Taylor Swift’s Ever-Growing Squad Is Actually the End of the World

“In 2015, Taylor Swift created her squad,” the ominous, disembodied narrator says in SNL’s trailer for the Walking Dead–inspired faux film The Squad. “By the end of her tour, the entire world had joined.” If you’ve been a bit suspicious of Taylor Swift’s weird habit of accruing an ever-growing amount of celebrity guests on her never-ending 1989 tour, you may have been on to something: She’s actually been methodically converting everyone to her nefarious Squad, one radio-friendly song and American-flag beach towel at a time. “What do they do all day?” one of the very few survivors of the Swiftpocalypse asks. “I think she, like, invites them on stage and they walk around on stage for a minute, or something,” another answers.

T Swift’s Growing Squad Is the End of the World