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Taylor Swift and Ryan Adams Had a Polite Little Chitchat About 1989

Taylor Swift and Ryan Adams — two very different artists who released two very different versions of the same album — sat down on what looks like a very comfortable couch to have a slightly less comfortable chat about 1989. It’s kind of like when you’ve been talking to someone on OKCupid for a while now and things are going well and you have the usual amount of things in common, so you probably should have met up by now, so why not just go for one drink (Is Wednesday good?), and once you meet up it’s clear that you do not have that much to say to each other in person, but both of you are way too polite to do anything about it, so instead you just have a random conversation about the Smiths and John Hughes movies, and after you say good-bye to them it’s very clear that the both of you are never going to ever talk to each other ever again. But like, you know, an interview.

Taylor Swift and Ryan Adams Discussed 1989