‘The Daily Show’ Made a Bunch of Unlisted Videos Tied to Trevor Noah Google Results

Here’s something fun and clever Comedy Central did to promote the premiere of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah that no one discovered until now: A reader pointed out to Uproxx that the network bought a bunch of Google ads that display links to unlisted YouTube videos at the top of the Google results for “Trevor Noah + [search term]” – they’re not embeddable and only viewable when one of the search terms matches up like this:

The videos were uploaded by Comedy Central back on September 10th. Uproxx uncovered a few already – including results for “Trevor Noah ASMR,” “Trevor Noah Wiki,” “Trevor Noah Girlfriend,” “Trevor Noah Autotune,” “Trevor Noah Age,” “Trevor Noah Net Worth,” and “Trevor Noah Gay.” We also found a few others: “Trevor Noah Tweets,” “Trevor Noah Religion,” and “Trevor Noah Naked” (it’s actually the result for “Trevor Noah Shirtless,” but close enough). There are probably more out there waiting to be discovered too, as long as you’re willing to obsessively google Trevor Noah to find them.

‘The Daily Show’ Made a Bunch of Unlisted Videos Tied […]