Looper Is Real

Rian Johnson is a genius. Photo: Splash News, konradannerud/Instagram

The year is 2015. Time travel has not yet been invented, but it will be in the future. Hit men known as “loopers” operate in the shadows, knocking off targets for mob bosses decades in the future — and then, eventually, their own older selves. But now one looper has come out of the shadows. He is 21-year-old Swede Konrad Annerud, and he has been tasked with hunting and destroying his 40-year-old self. There’s only one question: Can he accomplish his mission before his older self sets in motion a series of events that will turn one ordinary model into a telekinetic supervillain?

Konrad Annerud. Photo: konradannerud/Instagram
There’s a Leonardo DiCaprio Look-alike in Sweden