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Thor: Ragnarok May Feature Marvel’s Latest Female Superhero Alongside the Hulk

Thor. Photo: Marvel

We’re less than two years out from Thor: Ragnarok, which on Marvel time means we’re starting to get the first rumors of what the movie’s actually about. (Besides Ragnarok, obviously.) Devin Faraci at Birth.Movies.Death. reports that the film will take the form of “a cosmic road trip” with Thor and the Hulk, which may explain the latter’s absence from Civil War. (Variety later reported that Ruffalo was in final talks to appear.) Despite that comic-sounding premise and the choice of Flight of the Conchords’ Taika Waititi as director, Faraci’s sources say the script is “so serious, so dark,” though every successive Marvel movie has been pitched as darker than the last, so as always, who knows?

Of more interest is the rumor that the avenging duo will encounter the mythical Valkyries of Norse legend, which may prove a soft launch for the addition of the superheroine Valkyrie into the MCU. If so, it’s possible that some of the many actresses who have reportedly been in talks to play Captain Marvel may also be up for the role of Brunnhilde the Valkyrie as well. Brunhilde’s appearance may also pave the way for her traditional enemy, the supervillain Enchantress, to enter the MCU as well, which means the Marvel films may soon see two more major female roles cast. As always in rumor-world, these movies can be whatever we want them to be!

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