T.I. Won’t Vote for a Female President or Donald Trump; Guess Which Opinion He Just Apologized For

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Sigh. Photo: Johns PKI/Corbis

Noted political expert T.I. (now back to going by Tip) appeared on DJ Whoo Kid’s radio show today to promote his great new surprise EP. As conversations with artists often do, the discussion switched to the 2016 presidential election, where T.I. announced that he would not follow Nancy Meyers’s lead and support Hillary Clinton. “Not to be sexist, but I can’t vote for the leader of the free world to be a woman,” he explained, which is why he would not cast a ballot for Clinton or Carly Fiorina. His reason? Women are too “rash” to run a country:

Just because, every other position that exists, I think a woman could do well. But the president? It’s kinda like, I just know that women make rash decisions emotionally — they make very permanent, cemented decisions – and then later, it’s kind of like it didn’t happen, or they didn’t mean for it to happen. And I sure would hate to just set off a nuke [because of a woman]. [Other leaders] will not be able to negotiate the right kinds of foreign policy; the world ain’t ready yet. I think you might be able to get the Loch Ness Monster elected before you could [get a woman] It’s not right, but I’m just saying …

Rest assured, though, that’s there’s also one man T.I. doesn’t want in the Oval Office: Donald Trump! As he says: “He’s the best showman of them all … but I can’t cast no vote for him.” If all this talk of politics makes you wonder if T.I. can even legally vote (he has served time in federal prison on weapons charges), according to this video from 2012, apparently he can. So unfortunately, T.I.’s sexist vote does count — even if his very swift apology does not:

T.I. Won’t Vote for a Woman to Be President