Trevor Noah Loves CNN’s Jake Tapper. CNN’s Jake Tapper Loves Las Vegas

What does CNN love more than anything? Hard hitting news? Insightful and relevant political commentary? Or PARTYING IT UP IN LAS VEGAS while making as many puns as possible? “Everyone was pretty excited for the Democratic debates in Las Vegas yesterday, except for CNN,” Noah said. “They were just excited about being in Vegas.” Because, hey, how can Dems rhetorically bashing each other possibly compare to an Elvis impersonator?

In this video, Trevor Noah engages in some good old fashion media criticism – the kind that put The Daily Show on the map. In particular, Noah takes a deep look at CNN host, Jake Tapper’s obvious fascination with Sin City. “No one, and I mean no one, was more excited to be on the strip than CNN anchor, Jake Tapper,” says Noah.

Tapper waxes poetic – comparing the debates to a Vegas prize fight, and speculates that perhaps one of the candidates will “become overly aggressive, causing a rival to lose a piece of an ear.” Really? But in the end, the most amazing part of this video is that Tapper manages to execute every Vegas pun and reference with a perfectly deadpan, news anchor voice.

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Trevor Noah Loves CNN’s Jake Tapper. CNN’s Jake Tapper […]