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Twin Peaks Is Recasting Sheriff Harry S. Truman for the Showtime Revival

Michael Ontkean. Photo: ABC/Getty Images

Go grab a piece of cherry pie to console yourself. As if Twin Peaks fans needed more bad news: It’s been confirmed that Michael Ontkean will not be reprising his role as Harry S. Truman, the soft-spoken and unlucky-with-love sheriff of the kooky Washington town, for the show’s upcoming revival on Showtime. According to TVLine, someone close to the actor says that “Michael is fully retired from show business, and has been for many years,” ruling out any potential creative differences for the lack of involvement. It’s confirmed that the role of Truman will instead be recast, with current rumors that veteran actor Robert Forster will fill the role (who, interestingly enough, was supposedly David Lynch’s original choice for Truman during the show’s initial run). But let’s remember the good times, shall we? Look at these Bookhouse Boys, d’awwwww:

Twin Peaks Is Recasting Sheriff Harry Truman