Joanna Newsom Becomes One With Nature in Her Paul Thomas Anderson–Directed ‘Divers’ Video

Joanna Newsom is back with even more $10 words on her new album, Divers, out now. In celebration of her triumphant return, Newsom has officially released the Paul Thomas Anderson–directed video for the album’s magical title track, which he originally screened at various theaters around the world last week. (PTA also directed the New York–themed video for “Sapokanikan,” off Divers.) The video puts Newsom at the center of nature: Her face literally emerges from the billowing sunset-hued heavens, above surreal mountainous landscapes created by the artist Kim Keever, as Newsom stares in glorious wonder. Finally, visual proof that Joanna Newsom is not of this world. We always had our suspicions!

Watch Joanna Newsom’s PTA-Directed ‘Divers’ Vid