Watch Kanye’s In-Depth, Career-Spanning ‘In Camera’ Interview

What’s it like being Michelangelo? Only Kanye West claims to know, and he gave a rare peek inside the mind of a “creative genius” in a new two-hour interview livestreamed Tuesday for Nick Knight’s “In Camera” series (previous guests include Lady Gaga, Björk, and Alexander McQueen). It’s a career-spanning conversation, moderated by Lou Stoppard, with questions from both fans and high-profile names like Anna Wintour. Much like his mid-concert TED Talks, Kanye offers his thoughts on a range of issues, from the idea that being a black designer skews our perception of his fashion, to how having a daughter holds him accountable for his lyrical misogyny, to his inability to create music that has no purpose. (That last point, he says, has been partially to blame for his next album’s delay.)

Kanye also touches on his presidential run, celebrity as a distraction, Caitlyn Jenner, his hopes for his unborn son, and what inspires his art. Of course, it’s crammed with Kanye-isms (“This is like Roman times, bro”), but if you’ve got a couple hours to spare, the whole interview is worth your time.

Watch Kanye’s Insightful ‘In Camera’ Interview