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The Choice Trailer: How Many Nicholas Sparks Tropes Can You Spot?

For the fifth consecutive year, we’ll have another Nicholas Sparks novel adapted for the big screen: This time it’s The Choice, coming out February 5, just in time for you to decide whether you should break up before Valentine’s Day. The Choice stars Benjamin Walker, best known as Lincoln from Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and Teresa Palmer, best known as Number 6 from I Am Number 4, as two young but ultimately doomed lovers. And as with many of Nicholas Sparks’s stories, that’s not the only familiar trope! There’s also a romantic triangle, lots of white people kissing, Southern accents, snarky old codgers, a tragic accident, sweeping vistas, and, of course, equally sweeping vistas of a life changed by the tragic accident and all that kissing.

Watch Nicholas Sparks’s The Choice Trailer