2015 mtv emas

Ruby Rose and Her Twin, Justin Bieber, Killed It at the MTV EMAs

Sunday night, MTV held its annual European version of the VMAs (actually called the EMAs) in Milan. Ruby Rose and drunk Ed Sheeran played hosts, which meant you got to see a lot of Sheeran telling middle-school dick jokes and Rose setting the room ablaze with her fiery beauty — and a flamethrower. She also gave a gender-inclusive greeting for the crowd (“Ladies and gentlemen, and everyone in between”), opening the show on a high she carried through most of the night.

But the night belonged to Rose’s twin, Justin Bieber, who took home five awards (making him the winningest artist in EMA history, with 18 overall). And he celebrated his dominance with a laser-backed performance of “What Do You Mean?” (because light shows are very in this year) that thankfully didn’t end with Bieber drowning in his own pool of tears this time. (Performance starts around the 27-minute mark.)

Backstage, Biebs and Rose kept their twinning going, because it’s their identical world and we’re all just living in it. (Around the 31-minute mark.)