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Famous Dog Hater Wes Anderson’s Next Movie Reported to Be a Stop-Motion Film About Dogs

Are you planning a charming yet deadpan autumnal wedding, packed with taxidermy and slightly too small corduroy suits, but are at a loss for how to dress your beloved pooch? (Assuming you’re not in a rush) Wes Anderson is here to help! Indiewire reports Anderson’s next movie will be a stop-motion animated movie about dogs. Not much else is known other than that. Considering his history of abusing dogs in movies, hopefully the film isn’t just a well-dressed, center-framed canine version of faces of death.

As with Anderson’s phenominal Fantastic Mr. Fox, his dog movie is replete with A-list voice actors. According to Nerdist, Jeff Goldblum will be lending his singular syncopated delivery to the film alongside Anderson regulars Bob Balaban and Edward Norton, as well as newcomer Bryan Cranston.

Wes Anderson’s Next Movie to Be About Dogs