There’s a Will Ferrell–Themed Bar Opening in the LES, So Who Said New York Is Dead?

Anchorman. Photo: Dreamworks

New York in the 70s may have been a gritty paradise for idealistic dreamers, but New York of the 2010s now has a Will Ferrellthemed bar, so who’s to say which is better? From Slashfilm comes news of the arrival of Stay Classy, a bar inspired by Ferrell’s slate of comedies. In the words of co-owner Zach Neil, Stay Classy is meant to be “the place where a 35- or 40-year-old person could come and sit and not be intimidated by loud techno music but still be surrounded by things that are funny and ridiculous.” The cocktail list includes:

GLASS CASE OF EMOTION. (Muddled rosemary and peach, whiskey, lemon juice,
simple syrup) …. $12

GREAT ODIN’S RAVEN. (Light rum, ginger beer, lemon) …. $8

MILK WAS A BAD CHOICE. (Vanilla Stoli, vanilla Schnapps, milk, ice) …. $10

MUGATU MULE. (Tequila reposado, lime, bitters, ginger beer) …. $10

SHAKE AND BAKE. (Shaken whiskey and sour mix with a splash of ginger beer,
served with cherries and lime wedge) …. $10

SMELLY PIRATE HOOKER. (Jalapeno margarita, tequila, Stoli jalapeno, orange
juice, sour mix, lime juice) …. $10


WE’RE GOING STREAKING! “Adult kool aid” (Absolut mandarin, peach Schnapps,
triple sec, cranberry juice, grenadine, pineapple) …. $14

A WHALE’S VAGINA. “San Diego” (Vodka, triple sec, orange juice,
sloe gin) …. $12

YOU’RE MY BOY BLUE! (Hendricks gin, Blue Curaçao, Sweet and Sour, pineapple juice) …. $12

Located at 174 Rivington Street, the bar is currently opening in “preview” form, and will have its official opening on October 25, complete with a screening of Anchorman. A few minutes’ walk away, a Fight Club–themed bar called Durden has been open in the East Village since 2013; patrons say it is “Nearly indistinguishable from every other sports bar on 2nd Ave.”

A Will Ferrell–Themed Bar Is Opening in the LES